World Newspapers Android App

One of the best Android apps is now available in the Android Market and it’s dubbed the World Newspapers

Highly useful and very easy to use, with the World Newspapers app you can access a news online directory with thousands of local and international newspapers. You can read news from magazines, websites and news online, from 6,000 different sources, organized and categorized for easy access. 

All these news to reach your fingers and optimized to be read from your Android device. 

World Newspapers Features:  

  • More than 105 countries and 6,000 news links.
  • News in video format.
  • Access to news by countries and categories.
  • RSS Reader with intelligent search and offline access.
  • System favorites, sharing, and history.
  • Support for “Read it Later” that allows you to access content offline.

This Android application is definitely a must try if you like being updated with what is happening in the world and you don’t want to use laptops every time. Right?

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