‘Widgets aren’t widely used’ claims HTC

Since the arrival of gingerbread the use of widgets on our Smartphone’s increased a lot. They can be a great way to access the things we want without going through the menu. Many people use widgets more than the actual application itself. But recent studies carried on by HTC tell a much different story and made them doubt about the purpose of widgets.

According to HTC majority of their users do not take full advantage of the widgets presented to them. They carried on this research while preparing for the development of HTC Sense 5. They learnt through their research that while most people use common widgets such as weather, music and clock, only a mere 10% of them use anything else. This is surprising given the number of widgets that are available for users, it was also discovered that very few people actually use the widgets that they download. Based on their findings HTC will probably try to make widgets more useful and noticeable in their new and improved HTC SENSE 5.

HTC is among the front runners when it comes to user interface. Their Sense UI is one of the most well designed interface out there and widgets has always been an important been a part of their previous interface. But their recent research has lead them to taking innovative steps such as “BLINK FEED”  which provides real time information that is only important to you thus elimination needs of multiple widgets. Honestly speaking this is a much more practical decision by HTC that makes the HTC Sense 5 anything but worse and “Blink Feed” might just turn out to be the future of home screen experience.

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