Top 5 Most Frightening Mobile Games


Fallen Episode 1:

Despite being an old game, Fallen episode one was is definitely among the scariest mobile games ever produces. The game changes pace really suddenly and pits you up against terrifying enemies such as the slug like alien creatures and zombie hounds. The graphics were also very advanced for its time and makes the game look that much scarier. If that wasn’t daunting enough the soundtracks are really creepy and has this sudden jolting scream that gets you by surprise. Combine all this with the freaky story line and cut scenes and you get one very creepy survival horror game.

Silent Hill – The Escape:

On other platforms Silent Hill was already considered as one of the most terrifying games ever made, the mobile version is no exception. Silent Hill offers a very freaky first person shooter game play. You will find yourself in daunting places such asylums, mazes full of faceless patients and nurses, and along with the constant distressing audio it will make the hair on your head stand up. As for weapons, well you have no real weapons! Except for a dull and flickering flash light that might stop working anytime.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Inspired by the legendary Bioshock, Dark Meadow puts you in a post apocalyptic world with but with a fairy tale twist added to the mix. You will go up against a witch and her loyal minions. Throughout the game you face interesting but creepy enemies such as bloodthirsty goblins who roam around the abandoned hospital seeking warm blood of the living such as yourself. The gameplay itself is touch centric and surprisingly easy to master. Graphically the game is really stunning, probably one of the best looking horror game out there thanks to being based on Unreal Engine 3.

Dead Space:

One of the most famous games of all time finally makes it way to the world of Smartphone’s. Featuring over 5 scary environments contaminated with reanimated corpses. Your goal is eliminate them using some of the most exciting weapons ever produced on the mobile platform. The gameplay is really fun but at the same time there is this sense of urgency and fear. Necromorphs may attack you suddenly at any time in large numbers and due to the polished visuals the monsters look scary as ever. The audio quality is also top notch and if you use headphones when playing games in your Smartphone, then Dead Space will be a real treat for you.

The Abandoned School:

The Abandoned School is a black and white survival horror game. Best experienced when you have your headphones on, the game features some of the most scary background music and realistic visuals that can really make you feel scared. You play the role of a male character in a mission to crack the mystery behind the death of your brother and girlfriend. The gameplay is smooth and uses a simple point and click mechanic, though in some cases uses the sensor of your phone which you can use to get through obstacles. Overall The Abandoned School proves itself as a true classic horror game in the world of mobile gaming

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