Thorsten Heins new CEO for RIM

It’s time for a change at RIM. After the popularity of the BlackBerry dropped dramatically, RIM has decided to reorganize the upper echelons.

Co-founders and CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, left the command post to the young Thorsten Heins. This move (most likely pushed by investors) will hopefully lead to a complete revolution of the policies of RIM.

Whether Balsillie Lazaridis — who by the way held quite important positions before; town manager and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors with special duties to examine innovation — will manage to turn the ship, remains to be seen.

The new CEO will continue the work of innovation that RIM has pursued in recent years, especially around the interesting Playbook 2.0 OS. On top of that there’s the intention to make it available to other manufacturers– they focus on another type of marketing.

Unfortunately some of these statements and changes are not well seen: for example the fact that one of the former directors led the company right into this crisis.

The young Heins has always held positions in RIM (in extremely important role as Chief Operating Officer, Product Engineering, also overseeing the portfolio of BlackBerry smartphones in the world). Yet the company has entered into crisis, with all the power at his disposal did not change the outcome.

A final statement of the former co-CEO Lazaridis: “I think it is reluctant to sacrifice our long-term value for short-term gain. And ‘that’s why we didn’t chose Android, and decided to build our future on QNX.” I wonder if they would’ve chosen Android instead, probably that would have been a  greater commercial success?

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