The Samsung Galaxy S III in the First Video Commercial for the Olympics


It was only a matter of time and it arrived on time: we are talking about the first spot of the Samsung Galaxy S III bound to become the next big hit in the London Olympics.

The top of the range of the Android Korean manufacturer, is in fact, the official smartphone of the most anticipated and important sporting event of 2012. And from this moment on, Samsung does not lose an opportunity to exploit the “title”.

The spot highlights the great potential of the Samsung Galaxy S III, a smartphone that is able to accompany the athletes even in the most extreme firms. Inevitable, of course, the space is reserved for large-sharing opportunities offered by the end users.

For the weeks to come, it is likely that the promotional video dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Olympic Games in London is expected to increase significantly. Moreover, quoting Henry Ford, advertising is the soul of trade.

We leave you to spot new video of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Enjoy it.

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