The Samsung Galaxy S III for Check-in at the 2012 London Olympics



The Samsung Galaxy S III is increasingly present at the 2012 London Olympic Games. This is, after all, the smartphone for the official event as the most awaited by sportsmen all over the world.

And in that respect, the Korean manufacturer has announced an exciting new initiative in collaboration with Pretend Inc., the Samsung Galaxy S III will be a sort of master key for a range of services available to those choosing to reside in the new hotel Holiday Inn London Stratford City, located near the Olympic Park.

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy S III, in fact, among other things you can remotely control a number of devices sites within the various rooms of the hotel and have available an exclusive newsletter with all the game results.

The secret of this system is a special application, which can be tailored to the needs of the case by interacting with various devices and services of the hotel. So, directly from the Samsung Galaxy S III, it will be possible to check in or check-out, order with room service, enjoy the service, laundry and even access to the room (the terminal, in fact, becomes the relative key ).

This innovative service will initially be available only in 40 rooms of the Holiday Inn London Stratford City. But we are confident that, if successful experiment in the coming months such solutions will become increasingly common.






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