The Ice Cream Sandwich on Android Phones


Each month, Google updates the usage statistics of the various versions of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) now represents more than 7% of devices with the OS of Mountain View. Compared to the last month, ICS increased from 4.9 to 7.1%. The last major update of Android seems to have embraced the term “slowly but surely”.

In six months, ICS will use its share rise by 6 points. Jean-Baptiste Queru, developer working in the Android Open Source Project, believed that five months was a “very reasonable time” to receive the update.

Gingerbread is the flagship version with 64.6% utilization, and pays the luxury of earning 0.2 points. Otherwise, all other versions are receding.

Android Honeycomb (3.x), available only in tablet, confirmed its status as transitional version leaving its place to ICS – Honeycomb from 3.3% in early May to 2.7% today.

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