The battle

According to the facts, last year was showcased by the drastic success of Samsung’s top-end Galaxy S3 smartphone, which stormed past the 40 million sales this year making it the best-selling Android smartphone of all time. Since that time, Samsung has attempted to repeat this success with its new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

So talking about the design and build of these smart phones, both have the same slightly curved design, rear plates and metal outer edges and a home button. Although S4 suffers from some build quality issues.

Clearly enough, Samsung has worked hard to improve its screen technology over S3. Galaxy S4 comes preloaded with Android 4.2.2. Having said that, S4 does pack a host of new custom software services not featured on the S3. Though Air-gesture feature of S4 is fairly pointless because it works only when your hands are almost toughing the screen of your phone. Even the interface used on the S4 is markedly different to the one used on the S3.

It would be a bit of injustice to S4 if i wouldn’t mention the new features of S4, so here they are:

Larger display, with a higher resolution

More built-in features

Better camera result

High processing power

Newer version of MHL

High battery life

Slimmer and delicate design

Better accessory range

S4 has double RAM and also increased handset’s processing power. There’s a big spec bump when it comes to the sensor – 13MP on the S4 compared to 8MP on the S3. One could not deny that S4’s camera has better results. Actually, in my opinion, the improvements to the camera are one of the main reasons that you should consider the S4 over the S3.

So the war continues but needless to say that Samsung has added many features to the S4, some of which may seem amazing to the user. However, everything depends on what you want from the experience.


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