The Andoid Program

Considering all these data and the large growth of Android, we can not help thinking that it opens a new world in the form of work. This is why the University of Camilo Jose Cela has decided to integrate a training course of programming Android , which you can access via their website.

What is the course?

The course has 300 hours that includes the theory and practice . The course will include the development of Android applications, and programming is based on the Java language, that is widely used in open source projects.

Do I need any previous training?

In no time, you will be required to have any programming knowledge, as you can get started in this area along the entire course. With a little effort and enthusiasm, soon your work will be among the top ten list of most downloaded applications on the Android Market .
You can create as many applications, since Android allows a large expanse of profits thanks to motion sensors, gyroscope, GPS and its geolocation, and create various widgets. Once you’ve learned the basics, you are ready to create your own application.

Online Training

Now you can learn faster and easier than ever with the new system of School 2.0. This brings your own pace during the course, taking advantage of the opportunities that come with specialized tutors who will solve all your doubts and questions you have. The course consists of theoretical and practical, putting into practice what you learned all this time. If you want to go throwing out all the items to be included in the theoretical, we leave you with a list:

  • Item 1. Introduction to Android
  • Item 2. Eclipse Workbench for Android
  • Item 3. Basic structure of an Android project
  • Item 4. Basis for Android applications
  • Item 5. Android User Interface
  • Item 6. Resource management in Android API
  • Item 7. Storage and retrieval of data
  • Android SDK
  • Item 8. Maps and GPS on Android
  • Item 9. Telephony services with SDK
  • Item 10. Using the SDK features
  • Android sensors
  • Item 11. Android SDK tools for
  • Multimedia resource management
  • Item 12. Widgets in Android
  • Item 13. Publishing on the Android Market
  • Item 14. Android RSS reader

After completing the course you will be awarded a diploma from the University of Camilo Jose Cela , which will help you open new doors having learned to program in Java and Android.

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