The Amazon App Store for Android Will Be Available on Summer in Europe


In the U.S., Amazon offers its own application store on Android, the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. The retailer announced that it will arrive “later in the summer” on European lands.

Considered a success in the U.S., the Amazon application store will begin its conquest in the old continent by France, Germany, England, Italy and Spain, and other countries will be served more later.

This service offers applications and games. Its originality lies in the fact that it is easy to install on any machine equipped with the Android market without going through Google, and units without the original store can benefit from that of Amazon. At the contents of its store, Amazon imposes greater selectivity than Google, and offers a free application per day.

Developers can already submit their applications to appear on the European Amazon app store. The company took the opportunity to redefine how developers pay. Whereas before, the application developers were getting 70% of the original selling price of their software. They now receive 70% of the actual selling price, that is to say that in case of reduction in the share of Amazon, which controls prices in the store, the developer will receive less than usual.

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