The 3D Option for Google Earth


Google yesterday unveiled a preview of the new 3D option which will soon be available for urban areas on its Google Earth application for iOS and Android.

As expected, Google announced yesterday a series of news about Google Maps and Google Earth. The most anticipated feature is the 3D that will only be available in the coming weeks for iOS and Android versions of Google Earth.

It is understood that the Mountain View company clearly wanted to grill courtesy to Apple, is supposed to unveil a 3D version of its Maps application next week at the Worldwide Conference Developers.

To develop this service, Google said they had used aerial photos taken with a 45 ° angle from aircraft equipped with cameras specially designed. “By the end of the year, we have to objective of providing access to 3D views of urban areas where 300 million people in total,” says Google’s official blog .

Another innovation announced yesterday is offline access to Google Maps for Android smartphones. A function that will be available “in more than one hundred countries in the next few weeks”.

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