Shot Peening Helps Products Last

We depend on various products in our life to deliver consistent results. For example, we don’t rush to get ready for work because we know that our car will reliably start and get us there on time. Most people are not afraid of flying because they know that the odds of mechanical malfunction are very low.

That sort of reliability is important in many products, particularly ones where consumer safety is an issue. Metal fatigue and failure cannot be an option. Shot peening helps to prevent this from happening.

Shot peening helps to make this a reality. In addition to increasing metal stress levels, it is also instrumental in preventing corrosion. Other benefits include closing porosity, enabling lighter materials being used, texturing surfaces, enhancing lubrication, and fighting fretting and galling.

You probably hate seeing dents in your car, but shot peening is actually all about making dents. The difference is that this is a specific process and the dents actually benefit the metal. By bombarding metal with tiny shot particles, the surface becomes pitted with equally tiny dents. The idea is to create a uniform layer of compressive stress. This helps to counter tensile stress to the metal that results from processes like machining, welding, and grinding.

This is important because these common processes can cause cracks to form in metal. If that happens to a great degree, it can lead to part failure. This can be potentially disastrous depending on what the part is used for.

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