Joint Health and Safety Certification in Ontario

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Joint Health and Safety Committees help to ensure this happens. JHSC in Ontario help to identify aspects of the workplace that could lead to injury or death. The employer makes changes based on their recommendations so that tragedy does not occur.

While governments at various levels often create health and safety standards, it is important for individual companies to put them into action. The government cannot have individuals on site at all times in order to make sure companies observe their recommendations. It is more effective for the individual companies to do this internally. It also makes perfect sense because the workers know their facility, their roles, and their company’s output very well because they are there every day.

Members on these committees require special training in order to perform their roles, and certification helps to confirm these abilities. Interested parties attain certification through participating in a special training program overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. The OML hires companies to provide the training and these firms adhere to OML’s guidelines.

The training program is divided into two parts. JHSC certification training part 1 centres on several different areas that define the role and responsibility of a JHSC member.

These include the ability to:

  • Define how a JHSC works, its purpose, and legal requirements
  • Explain their roles as JHSC committee member and its responsibilities
  • How the JHSC assesses hazards, the methods involved in assessing hazards, and how these hazards are evaluated in terms of their danger to workers
  • Training in spotting, assessing, controlling, and evaluating workplace hazards
  • The steps JHSC committee members must follow when studying workplace accidents
  • Demonstrating knowledge of health and safety regulations

As you can see, the program seeks to cover all pertinent areas of health and safety.