Elements Of Android

The point is that once the phone gets upgraded, one will certainly not just have access to all the brand-new features but of all these features the most waited for and the most amazing one is the presence of Project Butter which has been doing rounds on the web right from the day people beinged familiar with of it. The smoother touch and transition is exactly what this update is all about and guarantees a butter-smooth result. This Google phone has actually been going off the racks much faster than hot cakes and so the announcement of an update was anticipated real soon.

Now it has been formally declared that the brand-new galaxy nexus will be presented with the Jelly Bean OS that is a relief for all the fans out there who have actually been waiting to purchase the phone with the updated OS. The links for updates are soon to be launched for those who have the phone with the previous version of the phone. Well one can likewise familiarize about the fact that the adobe flash gamer will certainly not be supported on the gadget after the update which can be a small trouble depending upon the conditions.

You can see the potential an Android phone has to replace a little pile of other gadgets and gadgets in your life. Maybe the most important gadget a new Android phone will certainly change is your old phone. In addition to being an alarm clock, an MP3 player, an electronic camera, a PDA, and so on it’s also a phone.

The OMAP 4460 chipset stays the same and will support the graphics effectively but the feel of the Jelly bean OS will stay with the set and make all the difference, this is exactly what makes the phone as one of the most demanding ones in the market.

Even More Info About Android

The dual core cortex A9 processor under the hood of the Samsung galaxy nexus will likewise be under the hood as in the other devices however the distinction can be felt during multitasking as speed and efficiency is exactly what the processor warranties and provides. This sophisticated processor makes operating in this phone much faster and much better.

The updates are just for the software application as one can see that the phone will still look the futuristic gadget that it is now with its 4.65 inch incredibly AMOLED screen, 5 MP main cam and no physical buttons in the front. You definitely can not manage missing on this exciting phone.

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The battle

According to the facts, last year was showcased by the drastic success of Samsung’s top-end Galaxy S3 smartphone, which stormed past the 40 million sales this year making it the best-selling Android smartphone of all time. Since that time, Samsung has attempted to repeat this success with its new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

So talking about the design and build of these smart phones, both have the same slightly curved design, rear plates and metal outer edges and a home button. Although S4 suffers from some build quality issues.

Clearly enough, Samsung has worked hard to improve its screen technology over S3. Galaxy S4 comes preloaded with Android 4.2.2. Having said that, S4 does pack a host of new custom software services not featured on the S3. Though Air-gesture feature of S4 is fairly pointless because it works only when your hands are almost toughing the screen of your phone. Even the interface used on the S4 is markedly different to the one used on the S3.

It would be a bit of injustice to S4 if i wouldn’t mention the new features of S4, so here they are:

Larger display, with a higher resolution

More built-in features

Better camera result

High processing power

Newer version of MHL

High battery life

Slimmer and delicate design

Better accessory range

S4 has double RAM and also increased handset’s processing power. There’s a big spec bump when it comes to the sensor – 13MP on the S4 compared to 8MP on the S3. One could not deny that S4’s camera has better results. Actually, in my opinion, the improvements to the camera are one of the main reasons that you should consider the S4 over the S3.

So the war continues but needless to say that Samsung has added many features to the S4, some of which may seem amazing to the user. However, everything depends on what you want from the experience.





Samsung, the Korean multi-billion dollar firm is certainly batting a hundred in the technology market. Who would have ever thought that Samsung would beat Apple and their ties will seem to be so difficult to clarify. To add more competition in the market, Samsung has now started to preach the Android technology for its cameras, giving Nikon a slap in the face.
However, it is true that Samsung will have to introduce such powerful and staunch cameras which would also cast turmoil for Canon which is the profound love for photographers, though; the latter has no relationship with Android.
Galaxy Camera EK-GC100
Samsung introduced the Galaxy EK-GC100 in mid 2012 which undoubtedly poses as a threat to Nikon’s own Android featured camera, the Nikon S800C. The Galaxy EK-GC100 has a wide-angle 28mm lens, a 1/2.3″ 16 megapixel CMOS Sensor and a 21X Optical Zoom. The camera is capable of producing HD videos streaming on a 4.8 inched touch screen.
In contrast to Nikon S800C, the Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 may appear to be quite flamboyant in the technical area, of course. The latter runs on a spectacular and the latest Android technology, embedding the Android 4.1 JellyBean under its operative system. Also, the Galaxy Camera may peruse the access of Google playstore accompanied with a 1 GHz quad-core processor which is not so unique in terms of Android technology.
As this has been the first Android camera powered by Samsung, future has it that Samsung will acknowledge the technology background and may pursue to cast a halt on most of the unkempt android phones in the market.


Nokia Triumphs over HTC


Reportedly Nokia is suing HTC for approximately 22 cases in Germany, so yes after witnessing the many cases between Apple and Samsung we are now going to see yet another battle, only this time between HTC and Nokia. The first of them has already come to an end with Nokia on top, the court has rules that HTC used a batter saving patent that was originally owned by Nokia. After the decision was made Nokia released an email statement saying that they are please with this decision and confirms the quality of Nokia’s portfolio. For those of you wondering this power saving patent refers to the technology where battery power is saved when connected to a network, when connected this technology monitors the power consumption by the network and adjusts accordingly therefore providing better battery life. HTC also replied regarding this decision and said that it would appeal the judgment while also progressing efforts to have the patent declared unacceptable by the German Federal Court and also the English Patents Court. Shorty after the reply from HTC Nokia replied by saying that it has also asserted the same power saving patent against HTC in both UK and at USA’s international Trade Commission and also informed that the next hearing will take place in the United States and will start in two months time.


Top 5 Most Frightening Mobile Games


Fallen Episode 1:

Despite being an old game, Fallen episode one was is definitely among the scariest mobile games ever produces. The game changes pace really suddenly and pits you up against terrifying enemies such as the slug like alien creatures and zombie hounds. The graphics were also very advanced for its time and makes the game look that much scarier. If that wasn’t daunting enough the soundtracks are really creepy and has this sudden jolting scream that gets you by surprise. Combine all this with the freaky story line and cut scenes and you get one very creepy survival horror game.

Silent Hill – The Escape:

On other platforms Silent Hill was already considered as one of the most terrifying games ever made, the mobile version is no exception. Silent Hill offers a very freaky first person shooter game play. You will find yourself in daunting places such asylums, mazes full of faceless patients and nurses, and along with the constant distressing audio it will make the hair on your head stand up. As for weapons, well you have no real weapons! Except for a dull and flickering flash light that might stop working anytime.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Inspired by the legendary Bioshock, Dark Meadow puts you in a post apocalyptic world with but with a fairy tale twist added to the mix. You will go up against a witch and her loyal minions. Throughout the game you face interesting but creepy enemies such as bloodthirsty goblins who roam around the abandoned hospital seeking warm blood of the living such as yourself. The gameplay itself is touch centric and surprisingly easy to master. Graphically the game is really stunning, probably one of the best looking horror game out there thanks to being based on Unreal Engine 3.

Dead Space:

One of the most famous games of all time finally makes it way to the world of Smartphone’s. Featuring over 5 scary environments contaminated with reanimated corpses. Your goal is eliminate them using some of the most exciting weapons ever produced on the mobile platform. The gameplay is really fun but at the same time there is this sense of urgency and fear. Necromorphs may attack you suddenly at any time in large numbers and due to the polished visuals the monsters look scary as ever. The audio quality is also top notch and if you use headphones when playing games in your Smartphone, then Dead Space will be a real treat for you.

The Abandoned School:

The Abandoned School is a black and white survival horror game. Best experienced when you have your headphones on, the game features some of the most scary background music and realistic visuals that can really make you feel scared. You play the role of a male character in a mission to crack the mystery behind the death of your brother and girlfriend. The gameplay is smooth and uses a simple point and click mechanic, though in some cases uses the sensor of your phone which you can use to get through obstacles. Overall The Abandoned School proves itself as a true classic horror game in the world of mobile gaming


HTC One Developer Edition Announced


HTC received a lot of positive feedback for their upcoming flagship smartphone the HTC One. Their interest rate has increased a lot and analysts believe this product may turn out to be HTC’s ticket back to the group of Elites. HTC took full advantage of their new found momentum and announced a Developer Edition of the international  version, but unfortunately its going to be available for users in the United States only. The HTC One Developer Edition will ship carrier and bootloader unlocked in order to support the developers and similar to the international version it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 2 Gigabyte of Ram, 64 Gigabyte of storage, Open API’s for Bluetooth Low Energy and Infrared, Front Facing Stereo speakers, two dual-membrane microphones for recording. As for connectivity the HTC One developers edition will support quad-band GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), tri-band 3G with HSPA (850/1900/2100 MHz) and tri-band LTE (700/850/1900 MHz). As good as this idea may sound, we would have liked HTC to release the Developer Edition globally as well.  It’s anything but unfair to deprive countless developers that are just waiting for a factory unlocked phone so they can let their creativity run wild. Still this is a smart move by HTC, they are trying to focus on the developer side of the audience which can lead to many opportunities for them and especially in a time when their sales rate have gone down. Hopefully HTC’s new strategy will pay off and get them back on the right track.


HTC One UK Launch Delayed

HTC One_Silver_3V
HTC One has been among the most well marketed smartphone from HTC in a long time, so far their marketing strategy has been a success as interest rates have increased a lot in recent weeks. However HTC may not even be able to take full advantage of their upcoming flagships potential due to shortage of certain parts. Many well knows analysts said that this may result in delays in some regions and so far it’s proving to be right, those who were looking forward to HTC One from United Kingdom will have to wait a little longer compared to other regions in order their hands on the HTC ONE, due to some technical issues the HTC One UK launch has been delayed to March 29th.  An official spokesperson was contacted by Android Central and when asked about the delay he said “We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April” Also there have been rumours about HTC One being out of enough units to support the upcoming months and with HTC’s current financial crisis, the future of the company may depend a lot on whether or not they can capitalize with their current upcoming products.


Top 5 Anti-theft applications for your Smartphone


Losing your beloved Smartphone can turn out be a nightmare for some with the possibility of your personal files and details ending up in the wrong hands beyond any chance of recovering, thankfully there are applications that can protect your files and help you track your Smartphone.

Mobile Spy:

Mobile spy aka MSPY monitors and collects all the information and uploads them to their official mobile spy website which you can view anytime you want. Using Mobile Spy you can monitor your phones activity without anyone realizing, as it functions in secrecy , the users cannot detect the presence of it also it does not leave any kind of trace when working making it a very safe monitoring tool. It simply records all the data and discretely transfers them to the user account in real time, which gives you constant, monitoring of your phone, using MSPY you can accept silent SMS commands for GPS Locate, initiate calls, Wipe data and view the actual screen which is updated every 90 seconds. All these rich features make MSPY the best security application out there.

F-Secure Anti Theft:

One of the most simple and easy to use Anti Theft application for Smartphone’s. Even if you merely suspect your phone missing using this application you can remotely lock it out or even wipe your personal files such as messages, contract, and pictures so they don’t end up in the wrong hands and of course locate your phone and the person using it remotely. Even if someone changes the SIM, an SMS will be automatically sent to one of your presented backup number.

Anti Droid Theft:

Probably one of the best free tracking applications out there, Anti Droid Theft will help you track your Smartphone if it has been lost or stolen using the phones built In tracking ability to allow you to locate your phone through the internet, It also offers an option called spy camera that enables you to see that images taken from your camera that you can later use to deduce the location of the thief. It will also send you a notification to your chosen backup source if the thief changes your SIM to use his own

Watch Droid PRO:

One of the simpler mobile tracking applications for your Smartphone’s, it features in depth features like wiping your data and monitoring your phones activity. You can also wipe your personal Data and initiate remote lock. It will also send you a notification to your email or a simple SMS to your backup number along with the last known GPS coordinates of the phone, making it a minimalistic but useful application

McAfee WaveSecure:

McAfee WaveSecure is a complete mobile security application for Smartphone’s. If your phone gets stolen it is capable of protecting your data, wipes your private files and enhances the overall chance of recovering your phone. You can also backup your messages, contacts, call logs and even media. Like most tracking applications you can also track your phones location and even remotely lock it. But despite having such rich features a very heavy price tag keep the McAfee WaveSecure from becoming more accessible, but it’s a great application nonetheless.


Apple vs Samsung lawsuit settlement reduced, judge orders fresh trial

apple-vs-samsung-verdictThe Apple vs Samsung lawsuit settlement that had Samsung paying more than $1 billion for patent infringement has been reduced by the case’s federal judge today. The reason for the reduced settlement is that the August jury awarded damages improperly and excessively for the Samsung devices that infringed upon Apple’s patents, according to Northern District of California Judge Lucy Koh.As software patent blog Foss Patents explained it with more details saying, “the jury set only one damages figure per product, but half a dozen different intellectual property rights were found infringed.” The 14 infringing Samsung devices are the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Prevail, Gem, and Indulge, Infuse 4G, Captivate, Continuum, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Tab, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, and Transform. This leaves Apple with about $598.9 million from the $1.05 billion in damages the jury had originally granted the company

Apple vs Samsung’s new trial

In addition to reducing the Apple vs Samsung settlement, Judge Koh ordered a new trial to sort out the improperly calculated damages. Samsung has been pressing for a retrial to reduce the settelment, while Apple has been urging for $121 million (UK£75.3, AU$115) in supplemental damages. A retrial may give one company its wish. The case also has the potential to move Washington D.C. to the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, which handles patent appeals, surmises the Mercury News’ Howard Mintz, covering on the legal affairs beat. There’s also a second Apple vs Samsung legal battle going on over Samsung’s newest phones, and Siri is front and center of that spring 2014-set case. Judge Koh, however, wants the two warring companies to go one lawsuit at a time, requesting Apple and Samsung to finish the appeals process before moving onto this new court case.


The Kyocera Rise

HTC has just announced recently that it currently has no plans for to design devices with “real” keyboards. But the rumors about such a device from Google in this regard can make a little bit of hope.

Kyocera is quite unpopular in terms of manufacturing mobile phones, especially in U.S. markets. It is unlikely that the new device from Kyocera, which takes the name of Kyocera Rise will find its way to the markets. But, it is interesting enough to take a look at this Android phone.

The Kyocera Rise has a 1 GHz processor to 512 MB ​​of RAM available, and also has 2 GB of internal memory on board. Furthermore, the smartphone has a 3.5 IPS display of 480 x 320 pixels, a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, plus a hardware camera button. As for the battery, it has a 1,500 mAh battery.


Android Malware Spreads Via Trapped Websites

A new malware attacks Android smartphones and tablets. The new malware is called “NotCompatible”, which spreads through trapped websites.

When visiting a website, it unwittingly triggers the download of an application (a technique called “drive-by download”). A message asks if the user wants to install a so-called security update. For this trap to work, it requires that the victim has set its smartphone to allow the installation of “unknown sources”, which limits the risk anyway.

Lookout solutions believes that through this Trojan could even be used to enter a corporate network via an infected Android smartphone. But for now, the number of websites infected with this malware is fairly limited.


Google Chrome for Android is updated

Good news Android users! The Android OS version of Google’s Chrome browser is now available in several new languages, with additional features. However the new version remains in beta testing, due to its still being afflicted with bugs.

Chrome was first released in February for tablets and phones that use the 4.0 version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich. The update means that Chrome for Android now has Chrome in 31 additional languages, making it available in every country that has access to Google Play. So whether you bought your phone off of, or any other network, the likelihood is you’ll have these features available to you now. So long as they’ve updated your Android version.

One of the new features included is, the ability to switch from mobile to desktop versions of a website as you browse. You may also place bookmarks on your home screen to create short-cuts. And you could assign applications for launching links opened in Chrome if you feel like it.

Another addition includes the ability to download files to your device and play embedded YouTube videos in the old style, via the YouTube application.

The trouble is that as a beta product, Chrome for Android has had a fair few problems. These include, issues with search result languages, font sizes and web page loading. Google are improving it all the time though, and customers using the beta version can fill out a form to tell them which bugs they encounter.

Anyone with the previous version of Android will likely not experience the new Chrome until all of the bugs have been resolved. And with the slow progress they are making in rolling Ice Cream Sandwich out, you might be waiting a long while yet.