Skype Conquest 70 Million Android Users


Skype has announced that its application for Android has surpassed 70 million downloads for Android. With this record, Skype has said that they are the most popular VoIP service operating system from Google, which has come to 1,300 different devices in less than two years.

The Skype service has adapted quickly to mobile devices. The company has been launching mobile applications optimized for each system and terminal, allowing users to make VoIP calls from their devices more comfortable. Skype’s strategy has paid off and now can boast important records.

In this sense, Skype has announced that it has achieved 70 million downloads through Google Play, the Android app store. Such a volume of discharges is an important milestone in the history of Skype, which has ensured that it is “the most used video call application in Android.”

So far, Skype has reached more than 1,300 models of Android devices from different manufacturers. Handsets from HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola, among others, have received the most popular video call application of the network. Despite the large number of models that Skype has come, the company explained that a total of 9 devices account for 25.73 percent of downloads.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has the terminal downloads of Skype that has registered 8.92 per cent. Samsung Galaxy S (2.8 percent), the Galaxy Ace (2.67 percent) and the Galaxy Note (2.30 percent) are the terminals that are closer to the leader. After the South Korean models Samung, the HTC HD, HTC Sensation 4G and 4G HTC Evo are other smartphones with more downloads.

By country, America is where most have downloaded the Skype application for Android, with 23.26 percent of the total. Japan with 6.9 percent and Russia with 5.1 percent. Spain ranks sixth in terms of downloads with 3.17 per cent.

As for languages, U.S. English is the largest presence in Skype for Android. The Spanish language also ranks sixth, with 3.72 percent, preceded by the UK English, Japanese, Russian and German.

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