Samsung Rejects 3D technology

Despite persistent rumors about the work that Samsung might be doing in terms of 3D, the Korean company has been clear: no 3D technology for its Smartphones.

With these statements, Samsung cuts all the rumors that talked about the possibility of Samsung 3D Galaxy S III included among its salient characteristics.

The option to view in three dimensions through our screens seems to have gone a little unnoticed in those with fewer household appliances. The boom caused by the portable  Nintendo 3DS console seems to have slowed in our days, although some manufacturers like LG Smartphones with 3D Optimus LG has proven our phones would be in three dimensions. It appears that the results have not impressed consumers or the manufacturers themselves.

Why has it stumbled with this kind of innovation? Perhaps the skepticism of some and the reluctance of others for any damages or inconvenience that may occur to the hearing. The truth is that, very few manufacturers that have expressed interest in working on this line.

Samsung bid to reject this technology in its mobile phone portfolio, at least for now. A decision which goes against the trends of the market for televisions.

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