Samsung may just sell 80 million Galaxy S4 in 2013


We all know the legacy the Samsung Galaxy S3 left behind, selling an impressive 50 million units, it set a new standard for a successful smartphone. However from the looks of things, its successor the Samsung Galaxy S4 may just surpass that with a whopping 80 million sells! Sounds unreal? Well Samsung has already sold an amazing 10 million Galaxy S4 units globally, which is an accomplishment in its own right and they achieved this impressive milestone in less than a month. This achievement is two times better than what the Samsung Galaxy S3 achieved which indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is well on its way to become the most successful smartphone of all time.  RBC Capital Markets ran a result analysis and according to the results the strong sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will continue all the way though the end of this year. They also expect that Samsung will be selling a whopping 80 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2013. Supporting this prediction there is already a demand for newer batches of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the existing ones have already sold out, and keep in mind that the 32 gigabyte white version of the device hasn’t even hit the stores yet! Overall the situation and momentum are both in Samsung favour and if things continue to go well for Samsung then they will indeed reach 80 million sales and maybe even more.

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