Samsung Galaxy S III, “Finally Ceramic”

You know the words (or rather, tweets) of Eldar Murtazin usually (okay, read that as most of the time) go viral? This time the well-known blogger says that the future Samsung Galaxy S III will be released exclusively in white with red spots. But as you’d expect, there’s nothing from the Samsung stables (so far) to confirm or negate the above, which is why we’re taking it with a pinch of salt before getting too excited.

And speaking of being excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S3, according to the tweet from Eldar Murtazin, the coloring is not the only interesting aspect of the new smartphone. Apparently the third version of Galaxy S will come with a high quality finish based on a ceramic material and not only that, the new model is completely finished and already on track to production.

This detail of the finish could mean a step forward from earlier generations, because as you know, the covers so far were plastic (tough, but after all plastic), and sometimes remained role models to other market most elegant finishes. Do you believe the famous tipster, or is that more of a hoax?

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