Samsung claims that Galaxy range is an icon like the Apple iPhone

With the arrival of Android market war came a curious fans. Many users of Android will have a healthy hobby to the folks at Apple, and Apple fans will usually be the same. Yes, the Apple brand has done really well and we must recognize that Apple has done very well building a legion of fans who love a brand whose main workhorse, the iPhone is a symbol in itself.

For Minhyouk Lee, vice president of Samsung’s mobile division and responsible for designing the famous Galaxy range aims to make its range of smartphone becomes an icon, like the famous iPhone.

“I believe that Samsung will produce the same level as iconic Apple . Not just a matter of design and effort, also have to give other conditions as the technology is ready for a certain design a reality.”

Of course, in these statements, made ​​during an interview with Reuters, Minhyouk has been dispatched to taste. We all know the war in which they are immersed Apple and Samsung , which has offended the chief designer of the Galaxy, which considers a personal insult to be accused of plagiarism.

“I have made thousands of drawings and hundreds of prototypes for Galaxy products. You mean Apple I’ve been pretending to be a designer so long? As a designer, accusations attack my dignity, as the Galaxy family is original from conception, and I am the creator of it. It is a completely different with a different design language and a different technology involved.”

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