Run for your life!

Temple Run, considered to be the best game now in the gaming apps world has beaten their past rivals, Angry Birds. Who listens to angry birds now? One would say that both of these games had a lot of beautiful graphics topped off with no doubt, the best of all gaming software which has caused millions to stay glued to their cellphones either trying for a hit or for a run in the temple. In this case, it is a hit and run offence.

Temple Run was introduced in 2011 by Imangi Studios . It is based on an explorer who has stolen an idol from a temple and is now doomed by a deathly never-ending chase by satanic monkeys. Quite a simple strategy but owing much to the worldly craze, Temple run managed to enthrall tonnes of millions of youngsters and adults both in different parts of the world.


Zynga has probably understood where its competition may be coming from as everybody can still be seen and visualized playing Imangi’s latest mind-blowing feature which has surely been crazy enough to tickle the explorer’s toes.

One can see a lot of features in this game. One would see that Temple Run had also begun an archery feature in hopeful to promote Brave, the all-time favourite animated movie which was introduced in 2012. The promotions also soared and one could also see people raving about Brave and the game both.

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Though, Temple Run has been easy and thrilling as well, it surely surpassed the sales despite having games which possessed complexity and hence, more features.

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