Powwownow Android App Facilitates Easy Conferencing

There is an app for that now, is the usual sarcasm that mark the app infested day-to-day life of an average gizmo crazy. However, there are indeed a lot of apps which come in all shapes and sizes as well as in all price ranges. Many of them come free of charge. But frankly, not all of them are worth using even when they are free.

While making our usual stock taking at the Android arena to find free but usable apps, we stumbled upon a rather weird named app – Powwownow, which seemed very interesting. But when we tried it, the amazement turned adoration, because the app made things pretty simple for us, when it came to conference calls.

What is it that makes Powwownow different, you tend to ask?

Powwownow allows you to set up a free conference call service, even if other participants do not have the app on their device

Clearly facilitating easy call conferencing for low prices, the app is compatible to any Android device regardless
of location. You will be able to include just anybody in the conference call, even if they don’t have the
same app installed on their device.

Moreover, it does not restrict the type of device, allowing you to include both fixed line numbers as well as mobile phone numbers to invite people to the conferencing session.

You can have up to 50 participants on a call at any one time without having to book with Powwownow in advance. More participants can also come in by way of the Event Call facility the service offers.

Conferencing gets possible in just a couple of steps, since only the organizer of the conference has to dial a number provided , and that initiates the session. We found it worth trying, if you tried it ever,
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