Nokia Triumphs over HTC


Reportedly Nokia is suing HTC for approximately 22 cases in Germany, so yes after witnessing the many cases between Apple and Samsung we are now going to see yet another battle, only this time between HTC and Nokia. The first of them has already come to an end with Nokia on top, the court has rules that HTC used a batter saving patent that was originally owned by Nokia. After the decision was made Nokia released an email statement saying that they are please with this decision and confirms the quality of Nokia’s portfolio. For those of you wondering this power saving patent refers to the technology where battery power is saved when connected to a network, when connected this technology monitors the power consumption by the network and adjusts accordingly therefore providing better battery life. HTC also replied regarding this decision and said that it would appeal the judgment while also progressing efforts to have the patent declared unacceptable by the German Federal Court and also the English Patents Court. Shorty after the reply from HTC Nokia replied by saying that it has also asserted the same power saving patent against HTC in both UK and at USA’s international Trade Commission and also informed that the next hearing will take place in the United States and will start in two months time.

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