New images of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C leaked

With the official unveiling being just weeks away , it seems Apple has already gathered the necessary attention to make their launch successful and as an added bonus some more pictures of both upcoming phone have been released that reveal more details than ever before.


Let us start with the iPhone 5S, we can see it sporting the new and improved golden tone coloured back along with glass back panels painted in white. This gives us quite a good idea how the end result will look like when it is officially revealed. The rest of the should be similar to the iPhone 5, though we obviously expect major upgrade underneath


Moving on the iPhone 5C, we all know that it’s supposed to be a toned down version targeted towards the more casual mainstream users . As you can see in the picture attached that the iPhone 5C will have different colours that the buyers can choose from, these colours are Green, Yellow, White, Pink and Cyan.

So that’s it, we have pretty much established what the upcoming Apple devices will look like, but what will it offer? Well we will have to wait till September 10th to find out! Till then just keep your eyes open for more news regarding the upcoming Apple smartphones.

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