Neo N003: The Cheapest handset with a full HD display

Reportedly the Chinese marketplace elite Neo N003 will be cheapest Android Smartphone featuring an impressive 5 inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, despite earlier rumors of the phone sporting a 720p display it was later confirmed that it will be using a 1080p display after all. According to Neo it will be priced at only 899 Yuan which is equivalent to $144 Dollars. Currently the cheapest 1080p phone on the market is the iOcean X7 ‘Youth’ priced at 999 Yuan which is equivalent to $144 US Dollars, but this will all change once the Neo N003 arrives on sale at prices starting at just 899 Yuan. For the Chinese market this will be a great deal given that fact that the older NEO 2 is still selling relatively well. Not to mention the mainstream audience will definitely be attracted to a budget phone that offers a decent set of features. The Neo N0003 will sport quad core MediaTek MT6589 silicon processor, along with a 13 mp camera and a 3000mAh battery. Neo will also be releasing a higher end version of this model that will be priced at 1,499 Yuan which is equivalent to $242 US Dollars. No release date has been confirmed by the officials yet, but additional details will be released soon.

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