My Piano: Make music with style

Have you always wanted to play the piano , but you decide to buy one for their high cost? Do you like music and would like to learn to play a musical instrument? A piano is the musical instrument for you. With this App you can have a virtual piano on your Android device.

This app works perfectly with mobile Android . But with the tablets will have a better experience playing the piano because of its large screen. With this App you can record your compositions in MIDI format and play them via WiFi.

The app features a sound quality similar to a study. Enjoy making mixtures with 11 instruments and 7 sound effects incorporating Muti Touch App is so live a more realistic experience in playing the piano.

Record and save your compositions, cargo and import your creations. The App has an integrated recorder so you can save your music tracks. My piano is playing MIDI files in WiFi and volume control for MIDI sounds.

The piano has 12 notes polyphony, 12 skins to change her appearance. And best of all, My piano is a free app for all to enjoy and start creating music.

The interface is very friendly App. No doubt this application worth downloading and testing, as this guaranteed fun hanging out.

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