Mindwave Mobile: Control Your Phone with the Mind

If we stopped using dedicated keys on the mobile to massively take touch screens, the next evolutionary step would be completely without touch. The technology behind the Kinect need some time before being miniaturized for use in a mobile. But, there is an alternative: the mind control. In recent years, we have developed different types of interfaces, and the people of NeuroSky, responsible for systems such as Mattel Mindflex, recently presented the Mindwave Mobile, which lets you interact with smartphones based on Android IOS using brain waves.

Cupertino took more of a surprise when he introduced a phone that had no keys. The idea was revolutionary, becoming almost a standard among mobile devices. Now, think of a phone that is not even supposed to touch the screen to use it. At most, you only hold in your hand to see the content, but the commands from your brain travel directly to the device. So far, no smartphone has this kind of integrated technology. However, brain interfaces are not foreign to us. Some readers will remember the toy and its version of Mindflex Duel, while others may think of the famous Star Wars Force Trainer, a great success at the Christmas of 2009. Both have in common with this creator, NeuroSky, who recently presented the Mindwave Mobile, which is a brain interface specially designed to control smartphones.

Now, “control” is a term too broad, because it is unlikely that you can turn on and off your smartphone just by thinking about it. However, the Mindwave Mobile is compatible with several applications and games that can read your brain waves. One such application is MyndPlay, which according to the official explanation, allows the user to change the plot of a film according to your state. Making a hero misses his last mission, reducing the fast pace of an action movie or romantic comedy turn that into a pitched battle would be some of the possibilities within MyndPlay. This is partly reminiscent of the famous format of “Choose your adventure”  children’s stories.

The interface is compatible with IOS and Android devices, but has not released an official list of supported smartphones. Mindwave Mobile connects to the phone via Bluetooth, and uses a single AAA battery that gives a battery life of eight hours. NeuroSky is selling the Mindwave Mobile on their official website at a price of $129.99 dollars, and offer the classic version of Mindwave for Windows and OS X.

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