Microsoft OneNote application

With this application for android, OneNote in our terminals have the same functionality as provided in this application in its web, such as taking notes, task lists, screen capture from the camera, editing tables, creating lists, saving URLs, and many more.

Microsoft OneNote  is the same type as Evernote that allows us to take notes, create reminders, create bulleted or freehand notes, take pictures and store them as notes, make sketches on these photographs and everything in sync. Thanks to the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud.

microsoft one note Microsoft OneNote 600x338 androidjpg now available for Android, an alternative to Evernote

In addition, OneNote is synchronized with other applications on different operating systems.

You must have a terminal with android 2.3 or higher to run this application. OneNote allows you to create up to 500 notes in your free version. Once arrived at this number, you will have to start deleting some of your notes. However, if you wish to continue to accumulate notes, you may opt to get the paid version.


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