How To Get Your Android Go Faster?

Just bought your Smartphone was like silk, but in recent weeks have noticed that its performance has dropped. Go slower, more stalls, crashes more often. What is happening?

Do not forget that a smartphone is essentially a computer. So you must perform ongoing maintenance if you want to never lower your productivity.

Try to take care of issues related to data organization. Raised periodically cleaning the files , images, videos and other surface data. Will achieve free space used unnecessarily.

In this sense, to gain space delete browsing history and other data concerning the use of your terminal, as WhatsApp talks, call log, and many more.

Review applications and games installed and uninstalled are those that are no longer used or is not considered practical. Keep an adequate number of applications have too adversely affect the performance of your phone.

It is also advisable to conduct regular factory reset to put your device as you bought it. Remember to back up information that you want to save. To make the factory reset just follow the following path: Menu – Settings – Privacy – Factory data reset.


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