Google Chrome for Android is updated

Good news Android users! The Android OS version of Google’s Chrome browser is now available in several new languages, with additional features. However the new version remains in beta testing, due to its still being afflicted with bugs.

Chrome was first released in February for tablets and phones that use the 4.0 version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich. The update means that Chrome for Android now has Chrome in 31 additional languages, making it available in every country that has access to Google Play. So whether you bought your phone off of, or any other network, the likelihood is you’ll have these features available to you now. So long as they’ve updated your Android version.

One of the new features included is, the ability to switch from mobile to desktop versions of a website as you browse. You may also place bookmarks on your home screen to create short-cuts. And you could assign applications for launching links opened in Chrome if you feel like it.

Another addition includes the ability to download files to your device and play embedded YouTube videos in the old style, via the YouTube application.

The trouble is that as a beta product, Chrome for Android has had a fair few problems. These include, issues with search result languages, font sizes and web page loading. Google are improving it all the time though, and customers using the beta version can fill out a form to tell them which bugs they encounter.

Anyone with the previous version of Android will likely not experience the new Chrome until all of the bugs have been resolved. And with the slow progress they are making in rolling Ice Cream Sandwich out, you might be waiting a long while yet.

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