Google Adds 20 Museums to Google Maps for Android



In November last year, Google updated its Android application to include Google Maps to map the interior of buildings. Today, there are over 10,000 (plus others available in the computer version, as the White House ), but the search continues by adding buildings . The latest to join have been 20 American museums.

Thus, users of the app (for now, only those of Android ) will find maps and directions on their phones or tablets. To do so, the user will only have to enter the museum’s name. Or, if they are in it, users can use the GPS tracking function.

At the moment, the only available museums are the Young Museum in San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and 17 other Smithsonian museums and a zoo. However, the company will add more soon.

Among them, says Google on their blog , there are some like the MOMA in San Francisco or the National Museum of World War II in New Orleans, though any museum can use the tool that has opened the search to add sheets.




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