Free Android Apps: Health and Wellness

Use your Android Smartphone, and these applications to stay healthy.

1. Instant Heart Rate – This Android measures heart rate by simply putting a finger on the application.It is sufficiently precise that it can be very helpful.

2. CardioTrainer – An application to track walking, running, biking and other activities. It tracks distance, time, calories burned, and maps of the route taken by GPS.

3. Lightning Bug – One of the best Android apps for those who have trouble sleeping. A real dream machine with a decent collection of different sounds. Perfect for those who need a little white noise for sleep, a great application that helps even sleeping babies.

4. Calorie Counter – Keep track of your calorie intake has never been easier. Database searches and a barcode scanner makes it easy to input quick meals.

5. Wine Only – Because wine is health. Always have the latest news from the world of wine. All you need to know about oenology.

6. Baby ESP – Being a parent is stressful. This application for Android allows you to track the needs of your baby. Even predicts if you can meet what your baby needs best.

7. First Aid – A lot of information on first aid for dozens of different situations. Easy to use, fast and very important in certain emergency situations. Remember, nobody expected that accidents happen. Better to be always prepared.

8. Game Trailer – Do not know what to cook? Search for recipes by name, ingredients, keywords and categories. An excellent paperback.

9. PillReminder – An application to replace the alarm phone. This Android application is basically a reminder of birth control. And by the looks of the comments generated, it is very effective. Enjoy this excellent and useful Android app.

10. Mindfulness Bell – This application for Android rings a bell periodically during the day, when the user makes a reflection on what they are doing and thinking today. Apparently, this is very good for mental health and studies show it is very stressing.


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