Free Android Apps: Business and Utilities

Need an application that will help with business tasks?

1. Tasker – The latest automation application for Android, this application allows for the conditions (time of day, the orientation of the phone, using a particular application) in which to launch or close applications. You can also change volume levels, change or turn off sounds, and more. It includes many automatic features.

2. Documents to Go – FREE! View Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments with Documents To Go Android Application.

3. Bump – Take two phones with this application, put them together, and share your contact information without pressing a button. Nothing is more easy to share this information.

4. Maps – The Maps application is so useful that can only be considered sufficient for the purchase of an Android device. The new navigation feature eliminates the need to have a GPS.

5. Currency – Learn current exchange rate for almost all types of currencies used in international markets today. A must for anyone operating in Forex and business like.

6. Paypal – Send money to friends and family, transfer money between PayPal and your bank account, and more. You can even use it to manage your PayPal account. The “Bump” is a fun new way to send money.

7. Fake-a-call – Ideal for out of a meeting that has gone too far. Initiate a call to exit at any given time and the phone rings so you can conveniently leave an undesirable situation.

8. Google Voice – The best VoIP application on Android is – surprise – Google. This feature-packed application has the consolidation of number, text notification, voicemail transcriptions and several other bullet points.

9. Dropbox – is fast becoming one of the new applications essential for lovers of technology. This application lets you store and share files over your Dropbox account from your phone.

10. Google Finance – Finance for Android offers streaming real time quotes in this application of the stock market. Syncs with Google Finance portfolios and allows quick access to see the latest market developments and news from different companies

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