Fixing Your Home Style

I have been looking through the ways to improve a homes styling and decoration for quite some time now. Many of the homes I have been in have looked quite different in terms of style. I know for a fact that there are communities around the world that look very different. Let’s do a cross selection of the styles of homes from around the world and how climate and geography affect them.

1. Japan. Japan is an interesting place because of it’s rich technological and cultural roots. Historically Japan is known as one of the most progressive, advanced civilizations. They were a world power leading into the second world war and nearly caused a revolution within the pacific. Ultimately after a long and incredibly awful war the Japanese lost to the Americans. What is interesting about Japan is the fact that the country is on an Island. This means that populations tend to be located in centralized regions and densely populated cities. One of the features of Japan is that outside of cities many people live in more rural, calm areas. The Japanese people tend to have multi story homes that have lots of bamboo flooring and tend to be placed far apart in nice settings. In the hot southern tropical areas it is important to make sure you have a nice calm cool environment to sleep in, for that you want to look for the best quality emergency furnace repair.

Check out this image of a nice, rural setting in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.


2. Mongolia. Not many people know this, but the people of Mongolia have a strong rap game. There is a lot of rap music in Mongolia and much of their youth culture is involved in it. Homes in Mongolia tend to differ in terms of design and style. Some people live in yerts in the fields near bodies of water while others live in urban areas much like north America. In these countries local services can be hard to find, for example one of my friends lived there and found that it was difficult to find quick and easy emergency air conditioning repair. Over 45% of the population of Mongolia lives in the countries capitol city.

3. Indonesia. Indonesia is a very large country with a wide range of different peoples. The homes of Indonesia are typically noted for being low lying but spaced very liberally across wide verdant hills and jungles. One of the things about Indonesia is that a large portion of the country lives under the poverty line. There are limited social services for people in the country and historically government and military officials are known to be corrupt.

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