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The “What to look for when purchasing a used Blackberry Phone ” list starts with the identity number. , if the used BlackBerry phone you are purchasing is a GSM model than inspect the IMEI number.. IMEI number is printed inside the handset below the battery and by pushing * # 6 # on the keyboard the IMEI appears on the screen. The GSM network determines the device and stops any calls being placed by a stolen device if in case your phone gets stolen. The phones covered by CDMA networks are safeguarded by the ESN or (Electronic Serial Number). The identification number is what to try to find when buying a used Blackberry Phone. With this number you can validate that the device is not taken or lost and that it is prepared for activation.

When buying a used Blackberry phone is whether it is locked or unlocked, another thing to look for. A locked phone is a popular method used by carriers of maintaining clients. Locked phones can only be used with carriers to which they are locked and not by other carriers other than when on roaming. The phones can be unlocked by entering a password or a code. Go on and purchase the phone if you are satisfied with the services of the carrier otherwise search for an unlocked phone. An unlocked Blackberry phone gives you the benefit of picking different networks. Different networks offer different prices and packages; you can select the one that not only runs in your area however also offers the services you require at the cost you can pay for. One way of getting a locked phone unlocked is to pay “early termination charges ” which are typically enforced when you want to switch networks. However the reason one purchases a used phone is to save money and by paying a termination fee, you eliminate the function. An unlocked phone is a vital element in what to look for when purchasing a used Blackberry phone.

However its dominance suffered a huge blow over the years and they along with Symbian have actually been hit seriously by Android items. Unless the famous Blackberry improves on its brands, it will certainly vanish just like how Symbian did. Window phones established by Microsoft had taken the world by storm. It has outperformed both Apple and iPhone without a doubt much. Despite Apple’s effort to wipe away these phones in the market, Window Phones are gaining ground each and everyday. Nokia is making prepare for a comeback but this may never ever be as easy as they think.

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IT policy is included in the Blackberry smartphones for security functions. It does not let another person change the passwords or settings. So if your used BalckBerry phone has an IT policy, it will certainly not let you make any changes and this can be pretty discouraging. Methods to disable IT policy can be seen on the net.


The most vital thing to try to find when purchasing a used Blackberry phone continues to be the credibility of the seller. Over the years internet has become a center of trade and commerce and buying from an online sellers has ended up being a better option. Power sellers are very dependable and can provide you a used BlackBerry phone at remarkable prices.

A used Blackberry phone is the best option for those looking for a mobile phone at an inexpensive cost. You can quickly buy used Blackberry phones from online sellers. Just make certain that the seller is trustworthy; you can check this by going through the clients ‘ comments. Usually individuals buy a new phone due to the fact that it features more functions. A trustworthy seller will certainly offer you with all the information you have to try to find when purchasing a used Blackberry phone such as the identification (IMEI or ESN) number, IT policy and whether the phone is locked or unlocked.

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