Best Android Apps: Travel

Thinking of going far, far away? I think that the following applications will make your trip a little easier.

1. Google Maps – An absolute no-brainer. No Android user should be without it.

2. Street View on Google Maps – An elegant complement to the maps that allows you to have Street View from any location on the map.

3. GasBuddy – Application that shows current prices of gasoline a day. This great application for Android helps you find the cheapest fuel in your area. Very useful for the budget traveler.

4. Yelp – A massive database of opinions, information and all the places to eat, sleep, and play. You can also write your own comments and recommend this or that site.

5. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search – Probably the best application for booking hotels and flights for Android at this time. Easy to use and reliable. Rates are not at all bad.

6. Car Locator – Tag the location of your car when you park in one of those monstrous parking and then find it with minimal discomfort and accuracy of GPS – Car Locator. It is not too accurate in the parking garage, unfortunately, but the outdoor parking is what this Android Application was made.

7. Where? – See your favorite place to “Where?” Find great places nearby. Get personalized recommendations

8. Urbanspoon – When you can not decide where to eat, this application is here to help.┬áThis suggests places while you can set your favorite features and lists in order to better tailor your experience with this application. Just shake the phone and Urbanspoon will suggest restaurants and more.

9. Trapster – This application will notify you when you approach speed traps police, red light cameras and speed cameras. With over 5 million regular users constantly updating the database.

10. Happy Hours – An Application for Android designed for those looking for offers of drinks and food. This application alerts you of the best local offers in bars and restaurants.


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