Joint Health and Safety Certification in Ontario

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Joint Health and Safety Committees help to ensure this happens. JHSC in Ontario help to identify aspects of the workplace that could lead to injury or death. The employer makes changes based on their recommendations so that tragedy does not occur.

While governments at various levels often create health and safety standards, it is important for individual companies to put them into action. The government cannot have individuals on site at all times in order to make sure companies observe their recommendations. It is more effective for the individual companies to do this internally. It also makes perfect sense because the workers know their facility, their roles, and their company’s output very well because they are there every day.

Members on these committees require special training in order to perform their roles, and certification helps to confirm these abilities. Interested parties attain certification through participating in a special training program overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. The OML hires companies to provide the training and these firms adhere to OML’s guidelines.

The training program is divided into two parts. JHSC certification training part 1 centres on several different areas that define the role and responsibility of a JHSC member.

These include the ability to:

  • Define how a JHSC works, its purpose, and legal requirements
  • Explain their roles as JHSC committee member and its responsibilities
  • How the JHSC assesses hazards, the methods involved in assessing hazards, and how these hazards are evaluated in terms of their danger to workers
  • Training in spotting, assessing, controlling, and evaluating workplace hazards
  • The steps JHSC committee members must follow when studying workplace accidents
  • Demonstrating knowledge of health and safety regulations

As you can see, the program seeks to cover all pertinent areas of health and safety.


Shot Peening Helps Products Last

We depend on various products in our life to deliver consistent results. For example, we don’t rush to get ready for work because we know that our car will reliably start and get us there on time. Most people are not afraid of flying because they know that the odds of mechanical malfunction are very low.

That sort of reliability is important in many products, particularly ones where consumer safety is an issue. Metal fatigue and failure cannot be an option. Shot peening helps to prevent this from happening.

Shot peening helps to make this a reality. In addition to increasing metal stress levels, it is also instrumental in preventing corrosion. Other benefits include closing porosity, enabling lighter materials being used, texturing surfaces, enhancing lubrication, and fighting fretting and galling.

You probably hate seeing dents in your car, but shot peening is actually all about making dents. The difference is that this is a specific process and the dents actually benefit the metal. By bombarding metal with tiny shot particles, the surface becomes pitted with equally tiny dents. The idea is to create a uniform layer of compressive stress. This helps to counter tensile stress to the metal that results from processes like machining, welding, and grinding.

This is important because these common processes can cause cracks to form in metal. If that happens to a great degree, it can lead to part failure. This can be potentially disastrous depending on what the part is used for.

Looking for shot peening services in Cambridge? Contact Latem Industries is now in its 40th year of serving the area. Latem may be metal spelled backwards, but there is nothing back to front about their continued promise of quality and attention to detail. Let Latem help to make your products live up to their full potential.


Fixing Your Home Style

I have been looking through the ways to improve a homes styling and decoration for quite some time now. Many of the homes I have been in have looked quite different in terms of style. I know for a fact that there are communities around the world that look very different. Let’s do a cross selection of the styles of homes from around the world and how climate and geography affect them.

1. Japan. Japan is an interesting place because of it’s rich technological and cultural roots. Historically Japan is known as one of the most progressive, advanced civilizations. They were a world power leading into the second world war and nearly caused a revolution within the pacific. Ultimately after a long and incredibly awful war the Japanese lost to the Americans. What is interesting about Japan is the fact that the country is on an Island. This means that populations tend to be located in centralized regions and densely populated cities. One of the features of Japan is that outside of cities many people live in more rural, calm areas. The Japanese people tend to have multi story homes that have lots of bamboo flooring and tend to be placed far apart in nice settings. In the hot southern tropical areas it is important to make sure you have a nice calm cool environment to sleep in, for that you want to look for the best quality emergency furnace repair.

Check out this image of a nice, rural setting in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.


2. Mongolia. Not many people know this, but the people of Mongolia have a strong rap game. There is a lot of rap music in Mongolia and much of their youth culture is involved in it. Homes in Mongolia tend to differ in terms of design and style. Some people live in yerts in the fields near bodies of water while others live in urban areas much like north America. In these countries local services can be hard to find, for example one of my friends lived there and found that it was difficult to find quick and easy emergency air conditioning repair. Over 45% of the population of Mongolia lives in the countries capitol city.

3. Indonesia. Indonesia is a very large country with a wide range of different peoples. The homes of Indonesia are typically noted for being low lying but spaced very liberally across wide verdant hills and jungles. One of the things about Indonesia is that a large portion of the country lives under the poverty line. There are limited social services for people in the country and historically government and military officials are known to be corrupt.


Android comes in second as Apple iOS continues to dominate the SMB Market

There is no doubt that smartphone and mobile operating system wars are reaching a whole new level thanks to the latest developments in the Android platform and also an apparent sense of stagnation when it comes to Apple products.

ios dominates market ahead of androidWhile many experts do believe that the gap between both the platforms is narrowing at a pretty brisk pace and that they will not be far off from each other in terms of competitive edge, the actual market share in some of the niches seem to be telling a whole different story.

The latest data from the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market show that Apple is well ahead of Android at least in this one specific market for sure.

The data from the SMB markets between September and November 2012 show that Apple devices still occupy 68.2 percent of the total market while Android comes in behind at seemingly a distant 25.1 percent. That surely seems like a huge gap with Apple taking almost two thirds of the market thanks to the success of both the iPhone 5 and the new iPad but the fact that Blackberry came in third with a mere 4.1 percent of the total market share tells us Android is not doing too bad at all.

Industry analysts say that consumers are now using more widely Hosted PBX services which enable them to offer smarter services while spending less cash on phone bills. With new Android and iOS Apps also allowing the same, it is no surprise that they use fixed mobile convergence to offer a single seamless service that integrates both fixed and mobile service platforms in a cost effective and smart fashion.

While companies utilizing Hosted PBX services are growing by the minute, it is important to note that no matter which virtual PBX service small and medium businesses are using, they seem to still prefer Apple devices largely because they seem to offer greater security when compared to Android. But devices like the Galaxy SIII might help make all the difference for Android in the coming future.


Can Android Devices Get Viruses and Malware?

One of the big technological revolutions in the past few years is the explosion of smart and highly-capable handheld devices which are quickly starting to replace the use of PCs and Laptops for specific tasks and purposes.

With the ability to connect while on the move becoming an absolute necessity and the growth of social media, it is no surprise then that our mobiles have become mini-PCs, which are as much under threat of virus attacks and hackers as any other computing device. And it is precisely for this reason that we need to have a safe and secure system that protects not just the integrity of our devices but also that of valuable personal data.

Growing number of people are storing vital and private data such as pin numbers and credit card details in their smartphones (No matter how many times others tell you otherwise!) and this has meant the greater need for security than ever before. A recent study has shown that in every 1000 android apps over a one-third contained some level of malware and while that is a bit more ‘startling’ as it seems, drawing out personal data to run apps, without your permission or even obtaining data beyond the level of access granted is also considered as a malware function.

The open nature of the android platform (which is also hailed as its biggest strength) is the reason why android users are more prone to these attacks. Here are a few simple things you can do though, to be best prepared-

Mobile Security App

The best ways to get started is to download and install a complete android mobile security app much like the Norton Antivirus to protect your android smartphone or tablet. These security apps are specifically designed for mobile platform and offer browser protection and safety against potentially dangerous sites.

Be careful while granting app permissions

You should be a bit more aware when you are installing all those cool new apps and do read and grant permission to data that you are only comfortable sharing. If you are not happy with any of the ‘requests for permission’ and feel it is information you rather not share, then discontinue using the app.

Pick apps from unknown sources carefully

While we do not say that you take a complete blanket approach towards apps from unknown sources and disallow them completely, if you want to install one, be absolutely sure that they are completely safe. Remember that no system or set of guidelines are ‘absolutely safe’, but reducing risks helps a great deal.


What is regression testing?

Any user of smartphones, tablets and PCs will be well aware of what a change in operating system or even minor tweaks to it can do to their existing applications and how it can affect them both in a positive and in a negative fashion, depending on the quality of the change.

For Android users, updates are something that they tend to deal with a lot more than most other mobile platform users. Nothing can be more frustrating than to deal with a new update, which actually gives you more headaches than fixes the old bugs.

To avoid precisely that and to ensure that the latest tweaks fit in perfectly, one needs to turn to regression testing.

For those new to the word, regression testing involves fixing bugs and ensuring that an already existing system and its functionality has no negative impact from the changes, enhancements, patches or updates that have been just rolled out to clients.

In simple terms, the old test cases are run against the new version of the software to guarantee full compatibility. And when done correctly, it obviously promises seamless combination of the new software with all the old apps and brings with it the much needed bug fixes as well.

Regression testing can be used to test both the correctness of the program and at times the quality of the output as well. On an Android platform, a software quality assurance team is the one that takes care of the regression testing aspect and the team retests a test that has initially exposed a bug in the software at regular intervals after the software is updated and modified. This ensures in both smoother and hassle-free operating system, while making sure that all the old applications still are compatible and offer the same output, if not better.

If done perfectly, Regression testing on Android platform, like anywhere else, ensures that there are no new faults and hassles in the latest OS update you have received…


London 2012 Online Traffic Up By Over 20 percent Compared to Beijing

The euphoria that surrounded the Olympics has now died down and it will take another four years or so before the world immerses itself once again in the grand sports event. But the games were most definitely a success from an organizational point of view and those behind London 2012 have done a commendable job in putting everything in place to ensure that the event finishes without any hiccups.

Sure there were a few controversies, but that is pretty much a part of the games.

What is commendable is the way BBC, the official broadcaster of the 2012 Olympics handled the online demands and ensured that they were constantly prepared when it comes to streaming videos.

As the dust settles, reports indicate that the online traffic for the 2012 games was 20 times higher than back in 2008.

Hence the fold at BBC must have done pretty much everything possible to ensure that this unprecedented web demand was met without any breakdowns. But even the most tech savvy experts would not have predicted such a sharp and huge up in the online traffic.

Yet, the guys behind the online broadcasting seemed to plan well when it comes to streaming every significant moment, videos-on-demand and in creating platform that will serve them well over a period of time.

BBC was so prepared for the online demand that it changed every single piece of equipment it had before the games to shape up and stream videos in a faster fashion and was ready to deliver 1,000 Gbps of video per second. In the end, it only needed to go up to the mark of 700 Gbps at the height on online video demand (which, we suspect would have one Mr. Bolt attached to the event). Considering the widespread use of handheld devices, the growing reach of internet and the popularity of social networking sites, the demand seems justified. It also leaves one wondering hat the organizers of the next games need to do to be fully prepared!


Opinion: How the growing smartphone & tablet market affects vehicle tracking systems

One of the biggest advantages that Fleet Management Systems posses going into the next few years is the fact that vehicle tracking technology can only get better with each passing day and month.

Experts already have forecasted an increase in deployment of a vehicle tracker, since the purchase and operational costs of these units are coming down constantly thanks to cheaper components and software solutions that are highly cost effective and efficient.

This has meant that vehicle tracking technology, the primary and most sought after part of a fleet management process is under constant change in a market where every provider wishes to offer cutting-edge solutions.

And one of the biggest changes that all vehicle tracking providers now need to brace up for is the advent and evolution of mobile communications and how handheld devices are quickly making the desktop and the laptop a lot less effective.

Projections from tech firms predict that there will be around 8 billion handheld devices by 2016 and the way in which current smartphones are improving both on features and processor performance, bringing vehicle tracking systems to the smartphone and tablet arenas is almost already mandatory.

Those who deploy and use vehicle tracking systems can now check the status of their fleet while on the move and thanks to both 3G and 4G services globally, providing instant real-time data is no longer a hassle over mobile carriers.

This gives those operating fleets the freedom of moving away from their desks and still managing fleets to perfection. And with features like ‘pinch to zoom’ and smooth and stunning interface, users expect everything on their desktops to be translated to the smartphone world.

That means graphs, charts, vital stats, updates, alerts, history and an easy menu to manage it all. Many companies have already turned to both Android and iOS platforms to take advantage of tracking on the move. And those who do not adapt to this new platform will most likely fall behind very quickly.


Fake Instagram Apps Posing Serious Concerns

When Instagram launched themselves on to mega popularity terrain with the release of Android and iPhone Apps, they were seen as something alluring. But then, with popularity came some negative publicity as well.

As you all know, Instagram was in the news for their one billion-dollar acquisition by social networking giant Facebook. But it looks like the popularity of their Android app is now being exploited by cyber scammers.

Sophos, a high profile security firm, scoured the web and found a slew of fake apps disguising as the official Instagram app. As a result, many unsuspecting users have lost their money going for these malware.

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Egnyte Box Buster Buyout to Lure Box Followers

It’s a David-Goliath tussle out there. A closer look would reveal it’s a game to lure customers who pledge allegiance to the rival. Any clue on what a company would tend to do to get those numbers? They go for a unique program. That is exactly what enterprise cloud storage provider Egnyte has done too.

The company’s Box Buster Buyout program is clearly aimed at luring away rival Box‘s customers by paying them to shift loyalties. Though Box is way up the ladder with loads of money in their coffers, Egnyte believes that they have various cloud storage solutions that are immensely superior.

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Google Chrome for Android is updated

Good news Android users! The Android OS version of Google’s Chrome browser is now available in several new languages, with additional features. However the new version remains in beta testing, due to its still being afflicted with bugs.

Chrome was first released in February for tablets and phones that use the 4.0 version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich. The update means that Chrome for Android now has Chrome in 31 additional languages, making it available in every country that has access to Google Play. So whether you bought your phone off of, or any other network, the likelihood is you’ll have these features available to you now. So long as they’ve updated your Android version.

One of the new features included is, the ability to switch from mobile to desktop versions of a website as you browse. You may also place bookmarks on your home screen to create short-cuts. And you could assign applications for launching links opened in Chrome if you feel like it.

Another addition includes the ability to download files to your device and play embedded YouTube videos in the old style, via the YouTube application.

The trouble is that as a beta product, Chrome for Android has had a fair few problems. These include, issues with search result languages, font sizes and web page loading. Google are improving it all the time though, and customers using the beta version can fill out a form to tell them which bugs they encounter.

Anyone with the previous version of Android will likely not experience the new Chrome until all of the bugs have been resolved. And with the slow progress they are making in rolling Ice Cream Sandwich out, you might be waiting a long while yet.


Powwownow Android App Facilitates Easy Conferencing

There is an app for that now, is the usual sarcasm that mark the app infested day-to-day life of an average gizmo crazy. However, there are indeed a lot of apps which come in all shapes and sizes as well as in all price ranges. Many of them come free of charge. But frankly, not all of them are worth using even when they are free.

While making our usual stock taking at the Android arena to find free but usable apps, we stumbled upon a rather weird named app – Powwownow, which seemed very interesting. But when we tried it, the amazement turned adoration, because the app made things pretty simple for us, when it came to conference calls.

What is it that makes Powwownow different, you tend to ask?

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