Apps for Basketball Fans

When we think about sports, sometimes, the first sport that comes to
mind is basketball. Fans in all four corners if the world look forward to watching leagues like NBA and NCAA. However, not all basketball fans can make it to their favorite team’s court. Other fans just wait for results, which are sometimes outdated. But now, basketball fans can celebrate because there are now apps that’ll keep them updated right from the comfort of their own homes.

20120519-144316.jpg Here, we have gathered the best free basketball applications for your Android device. Here they are:

– NBA Game Time 2011-2012
– Basketball Shots 3D
– Basketball News
– Individual Basketball Stats
– NBA: King of the Court
– ESPN ScoreCenter
– Basketball Racing
– Basketball Coach’s Clipboard
– Basketball Tactics

So, hurry! Look for these apps and enjoy basketball from wherever you may be!

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