Angry Birds Will Have a “Brother”

HELSINKI, Finland – Rovio, the creator of games for mobile phones, will launch in the coming months, what they hope is a successor of the Angry Birds series.

Mikael Hed, Rovio CEO, said he acquired the rights to “Casey’s Contraptions”, a game of creating mechanisms used in cell phones and computers. The rights were sold by the creators of Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Hed told YLE TV, a¬†Finnish ¬†network, that the game will be renamed as “Amazing Alex” and will focus on “a funny guy who loves to build things.”

He added that Angry Birds, the game where a group of birds without wings with elastic bands who aims to wipe out pigs, has reached 1.000 million downloads, in just two years after its launch.

Rovio said its revenues for 2011 were 75.4 million euros (98 million), but gave no figures for the previous year to serve as a framework for comparison.

Last month, Rovio launched its first theme park, “Angry Birds” in Finland.


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