Android Will Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player


Adobe has announced that Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, will not have a certified version of Flash Player. The company has said that, as anticipated, their intention is to focus on other avenues of development for Flash, apart from the mobile world. Adobe is committed to maintaining the security updates for Android with Adobe Flash, which is no longer available for download on August 15.

Support for Flash content was one of the great attractions of Android in its early versions. Address some of its competitors, Google’s operating system did allow the installation of Flash Player, enabling web browsing experience more similar to the PC.

However, the Flash runtime has not finished being positive enough, causing many problems. The constant updates of the software tool, security problems and overheating in the terminals that Google have decided to dispense with Flash. Adobe respected Google’s decision and in November 2011 and announced they would no longer develop versions of Flash for Android in the future.

After Google announced Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, Adobe has refused to confirm it definitely will not have that version Flash Player. The company has said it is a decision that had been anticipated. In this way, the engineers at Adobe have not worked in a version adapted to Jelly Bean, which is the first version does not have Flash.

Besides confirming that the tool is not available for Jelly Bean, Adobe announced that Google will remove Flash Player Play on the 15th of August. After that date, Adobe will release updates to users who have Flash installed, but will not allow new downloads.

The abandonment of Flash on Android is a further sign of the victory of HTML5, which is imposed as a programming language. The future of Flash goes through its development for the PC, leaving the mobile world.

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