Android: Best Apps for the Week


GO TaskManager EX (for free): The name is eloquent enough to understand what kind of application we have here. This is a very interesting tool that allows to manage various aspects of the terminal, from the memory autonomy, so as to be able to speed up all the operations, with a lot of widgets to be inserted into the homescreen to manage the main functions  immediately.

Amazing Alex (free): From the makers of Angry Birds, Rovio, presents Amazing Alex. Amazing Alex is a puzzle game inspired by the old The Incredible Machine, where the player’s goal is to rearrange the room, and make the objects interact with each other, with the right timing and then calculating the physical reactions to stress all at the exact place to put them back. Entertaining and inspiring, it is also available without advertising and in HD.

Pencil Sketch (free): This nice application allows you to create an image stored in the gallery into a sort of pencil drawing. The creations can also be shared on the most popular social platforms.

Gran Turismo (free): Do not talk eponymous racing title for PlayStation platforms. The play structure is in fact, completely different: managing an isometric view, the user will be able to get as far away as possible while avoiding other cars with fireball. Rather than get to the finish, the intent is to save his own skin.

Zedge (free): The authors describe this as the best source for ringtones, wallpapers, animated backgrounds and free games. Zedge provides access to a catalog of free material that is particularly rich, allowing you to fully customize your Android smartphone and tablet. This is perfect for lovers of customization.




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