An Android Nokia Phone


It’s the turn of the Nokia N9 to try out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. A terminal abandoned by its manufacturer, but spoiled by the community of developers.

If the last day we saw the port of Jelly Bean on several Android smartphones from those already available on the market, the latest release of Google’s mobile OS is now also landed on the Nokia N9.

Well, yes. A willing developer would decide to port to Android 4.1.1 Finnish manufacturer of the Meego device, posting on Twitter the photo above as evidence. Finally, a Nokia smartphone based on Android.

The Nokia N9, put aside too quickly from its manufacturer, continues to be one of the devices from the most pampered community of developers porting it and it is just another confirmation.

Recall that the future is now in the hands of MeeGo Jolla, a company that will continue the development of this OS that is able to collect so many admirers in his few months of life. They are in the hope of finally having the chance they deserve.



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