Yuilop: Talking is free


logo1 Yuilop Yuilop: free communication worldwide.

With the advent of free messaging applications, they have become the main concern when buying or using a smartphone.

Whastapp and Facebook Messenger are the most popular messaging programs at the time. Both allow us to send text messages to our contact phone (Whastapp) and our contacts in Facebook (Facebook Messenger). But they are two separate pipeline applications.



With this application can send messages to all users Yuilop and chat with your contacts on Facebook, as it comes built into the application itself the ability to connect to Facebook, share pictures, and many more. But this is not the only thing that is allowed in the application.

With Yuilop can send SMS to any phone, whether national or internationa. With whoever we want to contact, this other person have to be online or connected to the Internet.


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