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Yes, your smartphone has actually simply got a little bit more smarter than it originally was, by largely protecting your safety. Very little can be done in the aftermath of a heinous crime. But a preemptive step can undoubtedly ensure a little bit more safety. So, without much ado, let us specify. Right here is a list of mobile applications which you can utilize in case of an emergency.

Naturally, this is just an extremely standard how-to for Windows mobile app development. The useful apps that can be purchased in the industry are far more complicated and require a lot more talent and experience to develop. A company that needs a powerful application constructed has 2 choices.

Note that Windows Mobile 6.5 is the last OS in the series, and has actually been replaced by Phone 7. So the developer needs to be someone who can establish applications for both and offer upgrades to any future versions that might be launched by Microsoft.

The second option is to contract out Windows mobile app development to a professional or an expert third-party developer. These companies specialize in establishing custom applications that offer value to customers of a business when they utilize the application on their cell phones. The application will be expert, simple and functional to promote and/or offer.

In the wake of the monstrous gang rape which left Delhi, the capital of India, in an irrecoverable shock, the Mahindra Group has actually established India’s very first women’s safety application for smartphones. When the wave of rape cases has only increased, this comes right at the time. Today, this application is readily available to all Android, Nokia, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry users, free of cost. This application can be utilized by GPS, GPRS, e-mail, Facebook, and SMS in case of no Internet connection. The minute you press the panic button, the application sends an alert to the website’s page, and offers the location to all application users on Google Map. The application also sends out SMSes to those numbers which have been signed up by the user as emergency contacts. The Facebook page of the user also gets upgraded with the SOS message, if the user has logged in through this social networking website.

Bad guys prowl in the most unforeseen locations, such as running tracks, parks, or they might be travelers in your day-to-day mode of commute. BSafe offers you some assurance and safety. This simple-to-use application has a huge red SOS button which contacts individuals whose numbers you have actually signed up to be contacted in case of any emergency. The application alerts the guardians through notifications, SMSes, or voice messages. The voice function is offered only for one number. Simply after the guardians have actually been alerted, the next message is sent to inform them about the location. The best part about this application is that it depends on SMS and not GPRS services. The next best thing is that it enables you to post your location through ‘I’m here’. In this manner, your guardians know your location. This element of the application is specifically useful for those taking a trip alone with unidentified individuals.

This safety application varies a little from the rest. It permits you to make calls to the numbers you have conserved to contacts in case of an emergency. The application likewise enables you to define your emergency, such as peanut allergy, stroke, or walking home alone. It also gives you to specify your location regularly, such as home, work, or school. In case of accidental emergencies, the details filled out the application, such as your birth date, eye/hair color, height, weight, blood type, plus medical information consisting of existing conditions, allergies, medications, your doctor’s name and telephone number, insurance details, and policy number can prove to be incredibly useful.

The name of this application pretty much describes what it is going to resemble. You can include 6 relied on guardians to your circle. This is one of the very best applications for college students, who live away from families, and can just depend on their closest pals in times of requirement. All this app requests is two taps, and it sends design template alert messages to those 6 chosen contacts. It also calls your home number to divulge your location. The application consists of a few emergency varieties of the police, which can likewise be altered according to your location.

Hollaback! is not just a safety application for women, however a motion in its own right. As the punch line goes, ‘Hollaback!’ You have the power to end street harassment, it offers a platform to bring the criminals of criminal offense to the fore. A user can take videos of the harasser and upload it instantly as ‘caught in the act’, and submit the incident on This is an instant way of capturing harassers on a public platform, and creating evidence of the occurrence.

VithU is another emergency application established in the wake of the gruesome Delhi gang rape case in India. One click on the power button and the app sends out alerts to your guardians. After that, every 2 minutes it sends your designated contacts a message of your location. The alert messages are any one of the following: I remain in danger, I require assistance, or Please follow my location.

This is not simply a safety app, however likewise an extremely useful application in your everyday life. You are provided with a database of the cabs in and around your location as soon as you register. In case of an emergency, or a scenario where you have to leave quickly, you can get an instantaneous notification of cabs in your location. The map on the application likewise reveals you the closest taxi stands. The call feature straight connects you with taxi provider so that you can get a ride home as quick as possible.

StreetSafe is yet another safety application for women. This app comes with a feature called ‘Walk With Me’, which promises to stay with you till you return home safe. The app can make a call, while the ‘Personal Safety Advisor’ is with you till you reach a safe zone. The consultant links your call to the police station for further support if the call gets disconnected for some factor. Among its features, called the ‘Silent Alarm’, gives you to get assist in your area using the GPS feature of your smartphone.

This application is best indicated for notifying your closest guardians in case of problem. The app allows you to create a close-knit circle of your relative on an invite-only map. This way, you can decide to share your location, chat individually with each member, send alerts, and track taken or lost phone handsets. It uses the most recent GPS technology, and notifies users through emails, calls, and messages, when the SOS button is pushed.

OnWatch was the winner of the project Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As soon as you install this application, all it needs are two taps to get linked to 911, or the campus police headquarters. It also sends messages through texts and emails to the contacts that are fed in the app. The messages can be customized too. It likewise includes a system which utilizes the GPS location to notify guardians of your whereabouts. The application likewise allows you to publish messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Every new notice appears on Facebook, this notice will appear likewise in the Facebook application Message.

Abhorrent criminal offenses against women have become rampant these days. We might dish out the harshest of punishments to these bad guys, but in the moment of that act, the consequences of the exact same are never thought about. A penalty is only the tiniest solace one can find. The option to this lies in the early training at home, school, and the one that is naturally rendered by peers. Be safe and take a couple of preemptive measures to guarantee that you can delight in life without constantly living under the fear of being harmed and terrified for life.