HTC Desire 300


All those boring people, who only need a phone to call, text or business with only a bit of social networking and no heavy videos or games, HTC introduces for you a budget-friendly smart phone of the Desire family. When it comes to cost, Desire 300 rests at the other end of the luxurious Desire phones. Well, with this price, it obviously does not present many creative features. Still, what is not missing, are the most needed features. At least it can make a call, I think that is what actually matters. Desire 300 packs a 4.3-inch mega screen (same as that of HTC Mini), dual-core processor, a 5-megapixel sharp shooter camera and very low-end specs, but with the parallel low-end cost, it is not an unjust deal. It has a premium quality classic plastic body with an elegant matte texture. HTC Desire 300 will be cheaper as it has a plain design, with a large expanse of plastic on the back. It is running Android OS v4.2 jelly beans and supports a snapdragon S4 chipset. At the very least it has a functional look. The front-facing speaker on the top of the phone does make it slightly evocative of the HTC One. It looks awesome. It has a 5 MP camera with geo tagging, face detection and touch focus.  The display has an 800×480-pixel resolution. It is easily available in black and white shades.