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Sony is so confident that its new smart phone Sony Xperia Z will make a firm name in this world of gadgets. Sony Xperia Z has stunned the entire arena with the unexpected Android Jelly Bean-toting (albeit only 4.1); which is one of the most recent features available in the market. With its trendy and elegant look, yet a very handy and compact set, Xperia Z has been deeply loved by all its users around the world. The feel and look of this sleek and stylish Sony Xperia Z are those of a premium, fine quality and a pinnacle product. What Xperia Z shares with other smart phones in the field is its pure magnet for fingerprints. Xperia Z has dimension 5.47×2.80×0.31 inches. Even with this size, it is really light-weighted just 146g. Sony has produced this product with two of the most important characteristics – water resistant as well as dust-proof.  According to one of its hand-on tests, Xperia Z can resist up to 1 meter water and for 30 minutes. It has 5.0 inch screen display and also has a multi touch up to 10 fingers. The internal memory is of 16 GB along with a 2 GB RAM. External memory card of about 64 GB can also be attached. Xperia Z GPRS system is up to 107 kbps. It has connectivity functions such as WLan, Bluetooth, NFC and USB. Xperia Z has come up with a 13.1 MP camera, also featuring face detection, sweep panorama, Geo-tagging and touch focus.


New images of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C leaked

With the official unveiling being just weeks away , it seems Apple has already gathered the necessary attention to make their launch successful and as an added bonus some more pictures of both upcoming phone have been released that reveal more details than ever before.


Let us start with the iPhone 5S, we can see it sporting the new and improved golden tone coloured back along with glass back panels painted in white. This gives us quite a good idea how the end result will look like when it is officially revealed. The rest of the should be similar to the iPhone 5, though we obviously expect major upgrade underneath


Moving on the iPhone 5C, we all know that it’s supposed to be a toned down version targeted towards the more casual mainstream users . As you can see in the picture attached that the iPhone 5C will have different colours that the buyers can choose from, these colours are Green, Yellow, White, Pink and Cyan.

So that’s it, we have pretty much established what the upcoming Apple devices will look like, but what will it offer? Well we will have to wait till September 10th to find out! Till then just keep your eyes open for more news regarding the upcoming Apple smartphones.


LG Optimus L7 II New Red Flower Edition announced

gsmarena_002 gsmarena_001Originally the LG Optimus L7 II was presented in Black and White color variants, which is more than enough for most manufactures. But it seems that they went ahead and made a Limited ‘Red Flower’ edition. This new design looks quite unique and sports floral prints on both the front and back panel, apart from that though there are no internal changes such as improves specification or size difference.  The LG Optimus L7 II sports a 4.3inch LCD Display with a WVGA resolution and is powered by a 1 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor along with 768 MB of RAM.  The Phone also sports an 8 megapixel camera, 4 gigabytes of internal memory and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS. Providing power to the device is a 2,4600mAh battery which should give you fairly satisfying battery life. On paper the phone sounds average at best, but will this unique design help boost its sales? Only time can tell.


Xolo Q1000S now officially announced confirmed


After the rain of rumours surrounding the Xolo X1000S, it has finally been officially announced by the manufacture. The new flagship from Xolo will sport a much slimmer design at only 6.98mm, but underneath this slim and elegant body is a very impressive spec sheet. Sporting a 5 inch 720p IPS display with OGS technology and is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad core MediaTek processor which is accompanied by 1 Gigabyte of RAM. As for you imaging needs, there is a 13 Megapixel primary camera with BSI 2Sensor and a 5 Megapixel fort facing camera for attending video calls and you get 16 Gigabytes of internal storage which should be more than enough for most people out there. Providing the power needed to run this quad core phone is a 2500mAh battery which according to the manufacturer can withstand nearly 53 hours of music playback, up to 327 hours stand-by on 3G and 425 hours on 2G or up to 22.5 hours of 2G, 12.5 hours of 3G talk-time, which is far above most phones out there and should give the mainstream one more reason to buy this smartphone. Overall we think it has a really good chance of capturing its targeted audience in India. The Xolo Q1000S is priced at INR 18, 999 which is around $300 and will be available soon.



Before we get ahead with our topic here, we must say that Google has seen some of the best IT specialists. As far as all apps are concerned, we know and hence, Google also knows how many downloads per day an average person may hit on an average basis. So, out comes Google with another solution to our problems.

Google has been declared as the biggest search Engine having millions of websites affiliated with its name.  Google Scholar, Google Analytics and other new features have illuminated the world whether it is for a keen researcher or a business executive.

download (14)

Recently, Google has been able to manipulate all of the scams and the spams that come with the downloads (if any) so that our Android mobiles stay safe from the external havoc that these may pose. The main question that resides here is clear of the fact that Google has incorporated a code in its Google Playstore feature so that a protective check is based every time a person downloads or updates an application.

In spite of the competitive world out there, we can see Google without any stress and tension. As Google has some of the mind-blowing operators, we can also see Google becoming a regular household. Though, it had become a repetitive household name since the day we realized it is the best search engine on the internet. About 50% of all revenues are handed over to Google as we can see many of its adverts on almost every website we have stricken on.


Run for your life!

Temple Run, considered to be the best game now in the gaming apps world has beaten their past rivals, Angry Birds. Who listens to angry birds now? One would say that both of these games had a lot of beautiful graphics topped off with no doubt, the best of all gaming software which has caused millions to stay glued to their cellphones either trying for a hit or for a run in the temple. In this case, it is a hit and run offence.

Temple Run was introduced in 2011 by Imangi Studios . It is based on an explorer who has stolen an idol from a temple and is now doomed by a deathly never-ending chase by satanic monkeys. Quite a simple strategy but owing much to the worldly craze, Temple run managed to enthrall tonnes of millions of youngsters and adults both in different parts of the world.


Zynga has probably understood where its competition may be coming from as everybody can still be seen and visualized playing Imangi’s latest mind-blowing feature which has surely been crazy enough to tickle the explorer’s toes.

One can see a lot of features in this game. One would see that Temple Run had also begun an archery feature in hopeful to promote Brave, the all-time favourite animated movie which was introduced in 2012. The promotions also soared and one could also see people raving about Brave and the game both.

download (6)

Though, Temple Run has been easy and thrilling as well, it surely surpassed the sales despite having games which possessed complexity and hence, more features.


Poor Android: poor music souls

Music is for the soul. Isn’t it? It uplifts your desires and soothes you so that your nerves could have a crashing experience. However, this crashing experience would actually be on something soft, the softening touch which you would definitely could feel but couldn’t touch. It is hidden and what could be better if you could also have your favourite musical applications right with you whenever you go? That’s right. I am talking about the viral Android applications.

But, there are some flaws and drawbacks that the poor Android is facing regarding its musical business in the Apps world. Everybody knows that apps have taken a storm and have revolutionized the world as they have brought people together and have also resulted in knowledge and further technological favours.


Right here, the musical applications have seen themselves on a slow track in Android phones as compared to those of Apple’s iOs. The main reason does not revolve around the lack of developers for the musical sort of stuff, but only because there are so many phones which have been patrolling around the world. As you can see, there are thousands of phones with the Android technology and not only Samsung, but Sony, HTC and other hit phones have also been trying their luck with the Android technology. This is the main reason that has probably dimwitted the progress of musical applications in the bright technology of Android. Seems hard to believe, eh?

images (1)

However, all this will be controlled to a limit and still, there are some impeccable apps ruling the Android which would play homie to any of the musical freaks out there, on a global scale.