HTC Desire L officially released in Taiwan

HTC is finally starting to make a comeback from its financial crisis, their new flagship the HTC One has already grabbed a lot of attention is turning out to be a successful product. Now they are focusing on their mid range products and one of their newer products is the HTC Desire L, which has just gone official in Taiwan. This mid range device from HTC runs a disclosed version of Android Jelly Bean. Naturally HTC’s very own Sense UI will be applied on top of the stock Android version and will also sport their trademark Beats Audio enhancements.  The specifications are also quite decent for a mid range smartphone, the HTC Desire L packs a 1Ghz dual core CPU accompanied by 1 gigabyte of Ram , which should be more than enough handle the 4.3 inch  WVGA Super LCD2 display. The HTC Desire L measures 128 x 66.6 x 8.9 mm and weights a meter 184 grams, which is quite light and thin for a mid range smartphone, inside the thin and light body is a 1800mAh battery which is a bit low but HTC promises it to be more than enough for above average performance. As for storage you only get 4 gigabytes of internal storage, but worry not as the phone packs a microSD card slot which can be used to expand the storage up to 32 gigabytes. For you imaging needs you will be getting a 5 Megapixel autofocus camera with BSI sensor and LED Flash, which is capable of recording video footage at 720p.  Now as good as it sounds, there is no news yet about its international availability so doesn’t get your hopes up just yet.


Sony Xperia 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to be released soon

Some of the older Sony Xperia series smartphones are still stuck with older Android versions , where most of the other manufacturers have updated their high end phones to at least 4.1 Jelly Bean. Late updates have always been an issue with Sony smartphones, even back in Sony Ericsson days a lot of users were very frustrated with their very slow updates. However something is better than nothing and Sony has finally noticed that the users are getting impatient and have confirmed that their update for Xperia devices is at a very final stage and will hit via OVA and Sony PC Companion soon. So far the phones that are going to receive the Android 4.1.2 update are Xperia P, Xperia Acro S, Xperia S, Xperia GO, Xperia ION and Xperia SL. Rest of the details will be released next week along with an official changelog.

However this also means that this may just be the final update for the previous flagships, because unlike Samsung, Sony hardly takes care of their older flagships. And with the new line of Sony Xperia smartphones hitting stores soon, they will probably end up being forgotten. Sony is an amazing smartphone manufacturer and their products have the potential to go neck to neck with the likes of Samsung and Apple, but they need to start providing better support for their older smartphones as well as new ones.


Top 10 Games for Android


One of the best things about the Android OS is that it offers a large variety of apps. Gaming on Android has now reached a whole new level, and being an Android enthusiast I have played almost all the recent games. Not all games are as enjoyable or as fun as they claim to be, some are great and some are just disappointing. In this article I will list ten of my favorite games and why I enjoyed them so much

#1 Bad Piggies – Rovio

Rovio was already well known for creating the masterpiece known as “Angry Birds” and just when I thought they don’t have any tricks left in their bag they bought out the best one yet. The Piggies have always been a very interesting part of the Angry Birds series and till now we have only seen the bird’s wrath being applied on them. With Bad Piggies we get to see the other side of the story. Apparently stealing eggs from the mighty Angry Birds is no easy task, but the Piggies have a map that they are intending to use in order steal the eggs. Here is where the fun begins, mistakenly the map gets shredded and now the Piggies must use unique items to create a vehicle that they will use to obtain the pieces of the maps. The gameplay is amazingly fun, the puzzles actually make you think and you can never get enough of it. Simply put Rovio has done it again.


#2 Angry Birds Space – Rovio

Angry Birds is one of the most addictive games in mobile gaming history. It made Rovio what it is today. The new addition to the Angry Birds franchise is the “Angry Birds Space”. Angry Birds Space takes a very different approach from the classic Angry Birds, though the objective is still the same but adding gravity to the play just makes the game much more fun. The gameplay is innovative and very enjoyable. The visuals are stunning and the audio is humorous. Angry Birds Space lived up to its expectations as the successor to one of the most legendary mobile game of all time

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#3 Granny Smith – Mediocre

Granny Smith, the name itself is very interesting. The first time I downloaded this game two things that came into my mind was my Granny and Agent Smith from The Matrix! But when I started playing the game it just simply won me over. The idea of behind this game is to beat the little bratty child down the course as Granny Smith collecting apples and coins along the way! There are obstacles that require you to flip over or hang from, some of which are quite challenging. It may sound simple but the timing is strict and gives you sense of rush. Granny Smiths biggest strength is the fact that it can make people go back to it again and again until you have perfected the game. Granny Smith is a game that I won’t be uninstalling any time soon.


#4 Where’s My Water? – Disney

When the world “Puzzle” is mentioned, I get an urge to play Where’s My Water? Disney has created one of the most fun games in Android gaming and it has everything you would want in a puzzle game. Your goal is to create a way for the water to reach “Swampy”, so he can take a shower. The Puzzles are actually quite challenging and the game is visually impressive to look at. Every level is different and every level requires a different strategy complete, but at the end of the day seeing swampy take that shower never gets old.

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#5 Jetpack Joyride – Halfbrick Studios
This game was just released on Android recently, the game is refreshing and it was a gigantic success on IOS. This is something that shouldn’t surprise you after you have had hands on experience. It’s a simple platformer, with amusing powerups, hilarious animations, and a very funny story that involves scientists, a machinegun jetpack, bombs, electricity, and coins! What’s not to like?

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#6 Temple Run – Imangi Studios

The concept of Temple Run is simple, in this game you will have to save your life from evil monkeys while clearing obstacles on your way. You can swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. But what sets it apart from all the other games is the fact that it doesn’t try too hard to impress, it’s the kind of game you can just start playing and not care about anything else, not to mention it is one of the best time killers out there. Imangi Studios took a simple idea and created a very enjoyable game.


#7 Skater Boy – Runner Games

The Idea of Skater Boy was to deliver a simple but fun experience and they succeeded. It has the perfect balance of challenge and fun. The gameplay is smooth and after a while you get used to the controls. Visually the game is above average and the animations are really fun to look at. Skater Boy is a solid game that deserves a spot on your phone


#8 Air Penguins – Gamevil

There is a saying that mobile games with birds are always successful, well that seems to be true for Air Penguin. It’s a fully sensor based game developed by Gamevil and I have to say that they did a wonderful job with it. Your goal is to reach your family avoiding enemies like sharks, breaking icebergs, and big-bellied seals. The sensitiveness of the sensor can be adjusted in game which makes it easy for you to simply adjust it to your playing style. The game is very addictive and can make you come back again and again, the lasting appeal and enjoyable gameplay makes Air Penguin one of the best games on Android.


#9 Cut The Rope -ZeptoLab

In this super addictive casual game, your goal is to overcome various physics based obstacles to feed candy to the little green Om Nom monster. Swipe and tap to cut ropes bearing his sweet treats, catapult them into his mouth, or jump through various hoops. The games main strength lies in its addictiveness and interesting gameplay. “Cut The Rope” has become a classic over the time and is a must have game for any Smartphone user.

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#10 Fruit Ninja – Halfbrick Studios

If you often feel bored and want a game to kill some time, then Fruit ninja is for you. There is something deeply satisfying about slicing explosive, sparkly, and glowing fruits! And you get to do that with a samurai sword! The game is visually impressive and the slicing effect just adds more to the already fun gameplay. Fruit Ninja is a classic that you will keep going back to.

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Playstaion Dualshock 3 controller to work with Sony’s Xperia Series Smartphones!


Since departing from Ericsson, Sony has been quite successful. Some of their recent devices such as the Sony Xperia S have gained massive popularity among the mainstream audience and it seems that now they are focusing on the gaming side of their devices, as Sony mobile recently hinted compatibility with Playstation Dualshock 3 controller for its Xperia Series smartphones.


If the images are indeed legitimate it will lead to many new possibilities and will allow users to use their wireless Dualshock 3 controllers. Apparently this function was revealed in the settings menu of the upcoming Sony Xperia SP, it showcased a ‘DualShock 3 wireless controller’ menu along with some standard options.


In order to use your DualShock 3 controller you will have to connect it via USB Cable first and then once the wireless connection is established you can it use it wireless via your smartphones Bluetooth. After the connection is established, you can remove the cable and the controller will still be usable.

It is yet unknown whether or not all Sony devices will get this option or not, but high end smartphones such as the Sony Xperia Z are expected to receive this option via update soon. As for other manufacturers , they probably won’t be as fortunate.


Modern Combat 4 finally be coming to Windows Phone 8


Recently a lot of developers have shown increased in interest in Windows Phone 8 and have expressed the desire to work with it in the near future. Among the interested developing companies, Gameloft is probably the most noticeable and they recently showcased a demo of their well known Modern Combat 4 game for Windows Phone 8.

The Modern Combat series can be called the ‘Call of Duty’ for mobile platforms. It boats amazing visual aspects along with impressive audio that provide a great experience when playing with headphones on. It features touch interactive interface and using them you control a character with first person shooter viewpoint, which is very entertaining to say the least. It also supports multi player which means you will have the chance to go up against mobile gamers all around the world. So if you are wondering whether or not the game is worth its hefty price tag then rest assured it provides an amazing mobile gaming experience that is worth every dime, So if you are a Windows Phone 8 user who haven’t had the luck of trying out similar games on Android or iOS, then be sure to give this amazing game a try. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will be available for Windows Phone 8 from Wednesday and will be downloadable via your Windows Phone 8 Marketplace.


HTC One finally launched in India


The HTC One is undoubtedly one of the hottest phones of 2013 and may just be HTC’s ticket back to the right track.  After quite a bit of waiting, The HTC One has finally been launched in India and will be sold for ₹42,990, which is equivalent to $789. People in India can expect to get hands on experience with this new Flagship smartphone towards the end of this month. The HTC One will be tied with Reliance Communications as a package and will offer 1 gigabyte of free 3G data for the first three months as opposed to me standard unlocked version which won’t have this privilege. Now given Indian standards the price may seem high, but keep in mind that compared to the manufacturers last release, the HTC Butterfly which went for a whopping $845 in India, its reasonably priced. However a price drop for the HTC Butterfly will surely occur once the HTC One hits the market, but it’s still a good move by HTC to price the new flagships lower than the previous one. Also keep in mind after the launch that with the arrival of the HTC One, other high end smartphones from the manufacturers such as the HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC One S will also undergo serious price drops, making it a great alternative to upcoming flagships, especially for people who want the latest features without having to dig too deep in their pockets.


UK Release date for Asus Fonepad revealed

ASUS_Fonepad_02The Asus Fonepad wasn’t able to grab as much attention as it wanted when it was first announced as interest rates were below expectations. However it seems with the growing need for a Phablet, people have finally started to appreciate this unique device. When you first look at the Asus Fonepad it looks like your average 7 inch Tablet, but what it can make a whole new kind of difference to some users. Sporting a 3G radio the Asus fonepad allows you to stay connected to internet at all times and also lets you make phone calls along with text messaging. In addition its one of the few portable devices that uses Intel’s Atom Processor as opposed to your typical ARM based CPU. This ensures optimal performance and better battery life, something that is hardly balanced in most tablets nowadays, in most cases typical tablets end up sacrificing one for the other but the Asus Fonepad seems to have found the sweet spot.

People in the United Kingdom will have the privilege to pre- order the Asus Fonepad from April 12. It will be available in the famous site Amazon as well as Carphone Warehouse and Sainsbury. Reportedly the first batch will arrive in the United Kingdom on Friday, April 26 and will be priced at approximately £179, which equals to $275.


Sony Xperia Tablet Z shipping date delayed


It has a been a very prosperous time for Sony, in terms of marketing and daily interest their flagship the Sony Xperia Tablet Z was able to keep up with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apples I Pad. Originally we were expecting to get out hands on this new tablet sometime in mid April but unfortunately due to some unknown issues the shipping date has been delayed to late May. Now if you want this Tablet a little bit earlier you can go for Clove’s LTE-enabled version which will be in stock from May 20th for £499, the price is almost the same but you will get it on your hands a week earlier, though keep in mind that the LTE-enabled version of the Xperia Z tablet comes with 16 gigabytes of storage and no alternative versions yet.  On the other hand the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi version will be available for £399 while the 64 gigabyte version will cost £449. As for the delay itself Sony has not commented about it yet , but some rumours suggest that this delay was caused due to component shortage and given the fact that the Sony Xperia Z tablet is supposed to be the world’s thinnest and lightest Android tablet it probably requires some premium material to be manufactured, not to mention the hardware is also very impressive featuring a 1.5ghz quad core Snapdragon S4 processor , 2 gigabytes of Ram, an 8 megapixel camera and of course the main attraction which is the 10 inch full HD display. The Sony Xperia Z tablet will sport Androids 4.1 Jelly Bean during the launch instead of the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2, but Sony has promised that it will be receiving necessary upgrades once released.


SoundHound now optimized for Tablets


Shortly after its release SoundHound became a very popular application due to its low price and amazing free features and ended up replacing the likes Shazam, but one problem that many users reported were that the user interface was not comfortable when using SoundHund on Tablets and could only be used to its fullest potential on smartphones, not to mention the stretchy look really affected the overall experience Fortunately for tablet users SoundHound actually listened to their customer feedback and has updated their Android Version that is now optimized for both Smartphone and Tablets.   In the new and updated version of SoundHound you will get larger thumbnails for the track list on the side as opposed to the previous stretched out list from the previous release and there and no longer any stretched out elements, SoundHound also added some other features as well such as Live Lyrics, Improved exploring, Streamlines sharing for famous social sites, improved purchase options, faster search, and a more efficient history tracker. The updated version of Sound is already available for download via Google’s Playstore. You can update the application directly from your smartphone or use the link below.


HTC One 64 Gigabyte version will be exclusive to AT & T

HTC One_Silver_3V

HTC’s new flagship the HTC One is an amazing device that has already received an amazing amount of daily interest, which is great for HTC given their current situation. It seems that HTC is now in a solid trade with AT & T and is offering an exclusive 64 gigabyte version, now technically we think this is a great business decision by HTC. AT & T has a large audience and giving it a 64 gigabyte exclusive version will do two things, for one it will give AT & T users a choice that no other carrier in the US will provide and second that due to this other carriers will surely approach HTC for the same deal so they can have an even chance against AT & T. Either way it will probably turn out to be a beneficial decision for HTC.  AT & T revealed this information through a promotional video that was broadcasted via their YouTube Channel, you can check out the video below

HTC One Promotional Video via AT & T

As you can see AT & T has revealed no official pricing about this exclusive version nor has they said whether or not it will include any other exclusive features. As for the release date though there is no official date yet some sources hint towards an April release.


HTC DROID DNA Retried or Not ?

DROID DNA by HTC (2)[4]

We all knew that sooner or later the HTC Droid DNA will lose its position the HTC One, but did not expect it to go into retirement so soon. Apparently Verizon Wireless is no longer offering the HTC Droid DNA, not because it’s out of stock or anything but because it’s dubbed as retired by their sales rep. This can only mean two things first the HTC has realized that despite being an amazing device that HTC Droid DNA cannot compete with the other flagship smartphones and secondly that HTC DNA will only get in the way of their upcoming smartphones. HTC Ever released an official statement through Verizon saying that they halted production of the HTC Droid DNA in efforts to push out an upcoming device on the horizon , what’s interesting is that instead of mentioning the HTC One they said this upcoming device is going to be smartphone that closely related to the HTC One but is not the same device, which means HTC is probably working on a new project that is soon going to unveiled and Verizon is going to play an important part in marketing that device. If these reports and statements are properly followed HTC Droid DNA will be among the shortest lived Android flagship device of all time!

Update: Well it seems the Droid DNA is now back again for sale, but the SKU has been  changed , which points to a different unit/version. Though the specification sheet still remains unchanged and there are no official details regarding this chance yet.