Android comes in second as Apple iOS continues to dominate the SMB Market

There is no doubt that smartphone and mobile operating system wars are reaching a whole new level thanks to the latest developments in the Android platform and also an apparent sense of stagnation when it comes to Apple products.

ios dominates market ahead of androidWhile many experts do believe that the gap between both the platforms is narrowing at a pretty brisk pace and that they will not be far off from each other in terms of competitive edge, the actual market share in some of the niches seem to be telling a whole different story.

The latest data from the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market show that Apple is well ahead of Android at least in this one specific market for sure.

The data from the SMB markets between September and November 2012 show that Apple devices still occupy 68.2 percent of the total market while Android comes in behind at seemingly a distant 25.1 percent. That surely seems like a huge gap with Apple taking almost two thirds of the market thanks to the success of both the iPhone 5 and the new iPad but the fact that Blackberry came in third with a mere 4.1 percent of the total market share tells us Android is not doing too bad at all.

Industry analysts say that consumers are now using more widely Hosted PBX services which enable them to offer smarter services while spending less cash on phone bills. With new Android and iOS Apps also allowing the same, it is no surprise that they use fixed mobile convergence to offer a single seamless service that integrates both fixed and mobile service platforms in a cost effective and smart fashion.

While companies utilizing Hosted PBX services are growing by the minute, it is important to note that no matter which virtual PBX service small and medium businesses are using, they seem to still prefer Apple devices largely because they seem to offer greater security when compared to Android. But devices like the Galaxy SIII might help make all the difference for Android in the coming future.