Sprinkle for Android


In this hot summer, you can finally dedicate yourself to total relaxation. Spend your days at sea, read a book, or browse online. Among the best ways to combat boredom is the fantastic starting to live through your Android device.

On Google Play, there are many interesting applications. One of these fun applications is Sprinkle.

Sprinkle is not a new game, but the famous game in which a drop of water must turn off the fire with a powerful jet of water. Both Sprinkle that Sprinkle Junior Play is available on Google for the price of a single euro.


The Google Nexus 7 Tablet Drawback


The most surprising thing about the Google Nexus 7 tablet is its price. Google and Asus really undercut the competition with the $199 starting price for the 8GB version of the Nexus 7 tablet, but one thing we’d want to point your attention to is that with it you end up with a dangerous combination of very little internal storage and no microSD card option for expanding it in anyway.

It’s not even 8GB version that you will have at your hands. The system files take up a good quarter of that. Therefore, you’re only left with 5.92GB of free space for all your apps, music, games and movies.

Interestingly, Google has opted to repeatedly cut on the microSD card option, obviously trying to tie us deeper with its cloud ecosystem which wasn’t completely ready. Now, however, Andy Rubin himself admits that Google has a much more mature cloud storage system.

But with no cellular connectivity option for the Nexus 7, you can access that cloud data only when there’s Wi-Fi available. That expandable storage would have been more than welcome, but if you’re ready to make do with its absence. Tt seems that the 16GB version of the Nexus 7 for $250 will be your only choice.


The Amazing Spider-Man Game Available for iPhone and Android


The Amazing Spider-Man is now available for iPhone and Android and allows players to step into the shoes of the man-spider to fight the Lizard and the greatest criminals of the city. Notably, the game boasts some pretty refined graphics compared to the previous titles dedicated to Spider-Man that we could test for mobile phones. You can download The Amazing Spider-Man from the App Store and Google Play.

Far from merely offering a Beat ’em up to use in which only gives a few acrobatic jumps and crush evil from the ground, The Amazing Spider-Man allows the player to make a thousand and one tricks between the tall buildings of the city. Thus, the cobwebs serve to propel  from one building to another within the great city of New York. The aim is to destroy the evil Lizard and his minions and dismantle and his evil plans. The Amazing Spider-Man takes place within 25 missions which are inspired by the movie script itself.

Spider-Man can jump, swing and move from building to building with ease. The adventure is set in five districts other than New York City including Central Park Business Centre, the port and the residential area. As we move forward in the game, Spider-Man may get new skills , but its pillars main attack include melee, hitting distance and different types of powerful combos.

This game is at a proce of 5.50 euros.


Improved Audio and Web Browsing on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


After outlining some of the meso features Jelly Bean, the latest version of the Android, we now talk about the news related to the audio and web browsing.

USB Headset – On the audio industry, Jelly Bean introduces two features of interest. First, it lets you connect your headphones, for example, even using the USB interface. It also supports multichannel audio 5.1, which can be exploited via the HDMI connection.

Preprocessing Audio – Developers can also use the “audio preprocessing”. This allows to increase the quality of the recordings by adding effects, for example, to eliminate any effects echo or background noise.

Audio Chaining – The “Audio chaining” instead of continuing in succession, allows playback of music tracks, for example, a playlist or playing without interruption.

Improved Internet Experience – With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it increases the quality of internet browsing. It also improves the playback of video in HTML5, thanks to smooth transitions and play / pause with a touch of the finger. It also speeds up the rendering time that has been decreased and the use of memory. The result? The scrolling and zooming is more accurate.

The JavaScript Engine is also updated for better performance and JavaScript have made changes to the input text.



The Vexia Navlet 2 Truck


This is the Vexia Navlet 2 Truck, which has been developed for commercial vehicles, combining the latest in GPS technology with the functions of a tablet, so it can be used anywhere.

Today, having a device that tells us which road, highway or road to take while driving is very important, whether you’re on vacation or working. You no longer used paper maps and the GPS offers a “technological guide” that tells us when to turn right or left, without paying more attention to traffic. Now you can also use this magnificent object for transportation. And that’s not all, it comes as a tablet, so you can take it anywhere.

The Vexia Navlet 2 Truck has complete mapping of the entire European continent, using ” Total Europe of Tele Atlas, with information on more than 40 countries, and also takes into account the characteristics of commercial vehicles, considering the weight , height, size and load. It is also possible to specify the path in relation to certain attributes such as height limits, length, width, number of axles, trailers and even type of load (if it’s heavy, dangerous or flammable), to avoid restricted areas that apply only transport of heavy goods.

To define more specific information such as total weight of the vehicle speed, axle weight, tandem, tridem, pivot, load, full-length extreme or tractor, it has a list of points of interest for drivers: service stations, gas stations, rest areas and specific parking for large trucks.

The screen is capacitive multitouch 7 inch with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels. It offers lightweight design, processor of Cortex A8 1.1 Ghz, 512 MB ​​DDR3 memory, 8 GB flash storage and a slot for microSD cards to expand to 32 GB internal memory. This is a device that can also be used for entertainment. It is equipped with Android 4.0 operating system, wireless WiFi , GPS and multimedia portable player. It is the first system designed for geo-professional drivers and also has tablet functionality on the market.


Android Will Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player


Adobe has announced that Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, will not have a certified version of Flash Player. The company has said that, as anticipated, their intention is to focus on other avenues of development for Flash, apart from the mobile world. Adobe is committed to maintaining the security updates for Android with Adobe Flash, which is no longer available for download on August 15.

Support for Flash content was one of the great attractions of Android in its early versions. Address some of its competitors, Google’s operating system did allow the installation of Flash Player, enabling web browsing experience more similar to the PC.

However, the Flash runtime has not finished being positive enough, causing many problems. The constant updates of the software tool, security problems and overheating in the terminals that Google have decided to dispense with Flash. Adobe respected Google’s decision and in November 2011 and announced they would no longer develop versions of Flash for Android in the future.

After Google announced Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, Adobe has refused to confirm it definitely will not have that version Flash Player. The company has said it is a decision that had been anticipated. In this way, the engineers at Adobe have not worked in a version adapted to Jelly Bean, which is the first version does not have Flash.

Besides confirming that the tool is not available for Jelly Bean, Adobe announced that Google will remove Flash Player Play on the 15th of August. After that date, Adobe will release updates to users who have Flash installed, but will not allow new downloads.

The abandonment of Flash on Android is a further sign of the victory of HTML5, which is imposed as a programming language. The future of Flash goes through its development for the PC, leaving the mobile world.


Google Chrome for Android Leaves Beta Phase


Google launches the final version of Chrome for Android devices. This update provides stability and a number of performance fixes the beta, along with some minor adjustments user interface, especially for the tablets. This version is now available for download through Google Play.

Google continues to present new developments in their services. On Wednesday, Google opened the Google I / O 2012 conference. Their own Nexus 7 tablet, Glass Project, the Nexus Q  multimedia device and the new version of Android Jelly Bean were the highlights of the first day.

But these are not the only highlights of the company. On Wednesday, the Chrome team has also announced their new version for Android. As confirmed by the Chrome team on its official blog, the browser version for Android has left its beta phase and is now available stable version.

This version provides stable performance over the beta, such as errors in the types of sources or the zoom and scroll through the pages, and includes adjustments for the user interface, especially in the tablets. Known issues are available in Chrome support site.



Lenovo Thinkpads, Soon to Taste Ice Cream Sandwich


The Chinese giant, Lenovo, has just made available the updated Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Thinkpad on its shelves.

ThinkPads are Android tablets for professionals. They work with an Nvidia Tegra 2, 1GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and the usual combo Bluetooth (2.1) / Wifi b / g / n / accelerometer. Finally, it has a 10.1 inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution.

ThinkPads are Android 3.2 Honeycomb and will soon be able to taste the ice cream sandwich.

This update, which was made to wait, as with other manufacturers, is currently deployed in the United States. It should hypothetically spread to Europe in the coming weeks.


Qualcomm Released an SDK for its Android Snapdragon Processor


Qualcomm has announced the release of their development kit for Android Snapdragon processor dedicated to its 8960 S4. This SDK provides access to APIs for this chip that is so far not available. This makes better use of hardware performance, and thus, enable handset manufacturers and developers to differentiate themselves in a hyper competitive market.

Among the features offered by these APIs are tools to improve the photography (processing of faces with expressions detection, burst mode), add surround sound to audio recordings, support more touch gestures or make indoor location more efficient.

This SDK is currently available as a preview. The full version will arrive in the coming months. Qualcomm said that the kit evolve to support future Snapdragon.


The Spanish Tablet with Android


It is called BQ Tesla and has the Google operating system in version 4.0. It shows that the tablets are no longer a luxury gadget for the rich, because it is a low cost device to reach all audiences. In this case, BQ, of Spanish origin, has just launched its economic model: Tesla.

While the size of the tablets is very controversial and there are devices with different options, it appears that the screen shown is 9.7 inches, at least that is what’s in in the versions of the iPads from Apple, the most known and sold in the market. But, that’s the only similar aspect that you can find between the two tablets, because it is different in performance, operating system and above all, price.

BQ Tesla has a multitouch screen that allows simultaneous press five times, which is something very important, as some of the shares with Android require several fingers used simultaneously. The resolution is 1024 X 768 pixels in 4:3 mode, sufficient and appropriate to view video in acceptable quality, similar to having most of the tablets with Google’s OS.

The processor is an ARM at 1GHz and has 1 GB RAM, ideal for the system to run smoothly and perform many tasks at once. The internal storage is at 16GB to store applications and documents. However, users can expand this memory using microSD cards already known to reach 80 GB.

It has a micro HDMI port, with which you can connect the tablet to a TV or a monitor for big screen viewing. It also has a mini USB 2.0 port, ideal for exchanging files with some equipment .

The BQ Tesla nothing more than 220 euros.


Skype Conquest 70 Million Android Users


Skype has announced that its application for Android has surpassed 70 million downloads for Android. With this record, Skype has said that they are the most popular VoIP service operating system from Google, which has come to 1,300 different devices in less than two years.

The Skype service has adapted quickly to mobile devices. The company has been launching mobile applications optimized for each system and terminal, allowing users to make VoIP calls from their devices more comfortable. Skype’s strategy has paid off and now can boast important records.

In this sense, Skype has announced that it has achieved 70 million downloads through Google Play, the Android app store. Such a volume of discharges is an important milestone in the history of Skype, which has ensured that it is “the most used video call application in Android.”

So far, Skype has reached more than 1,300 models of Android devices from different manufacturers. Handsets from HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola, among others, have received the most popular video call application of the network. Despite the large number of models that Skype has come, the company explained that a total of 9 devices account for 25.73 percent of downloads.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has the terminal downloads of Skype that has registered 8.92 per cent. Samsung Galaxy S (2.8 percent), the Galaxy Ace (2.67 percent) and the Galaxy Note (2.30 percent) are the terminals that are closer to the leader. After the South Korean models Samung, the HTC HD, HTC Sensation 4G and 4G HTC Evo are other smartphones with more downloads.

By country, America is where most have downloaded the Skype application for Android, with 23.26 percent of the total. Japan with 6.9 percent and Russia with 5.1 percent. Spain ranks sixth in terms of downloads with 3.17 per cent.

As for languages, U.S. English is the largest presence in Skype for Android. The Spanish language also ranks sixth, with 3.72 percent, preceded by the UK English, Japanese, Russian and German.


Amazon Kindle 2: Android Tablet in the Summer


Amazon has its own tablet computer running on the Android operating system. So far, this is only available in the U.S. on the market. Well this summer, the second Amazon Kindle Fire 2nd could be introduced as early as July 2012.

The Amazon Kindle 2 could fire on July 31, and is expected that this second generation can score with significantly better hardware.

However, one should also bear in mind that Amazon has designed the device mainly for media consumption. The Kindle Fire is not a competitor of the iPad or other tablets with the best possible technology. Therefore, the price of the Amazon Kindle Fire can remain low, and the hardware configuration will not change much.