Huawei announces world’s first 10-inch quad-core tablet: Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD

After the first day of MWC 2012 when the folks from Huawei announced the fastest smartphone on the planet, today the company unveiled a tablet which says it is the “clever” in the world.

The new Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD, is a quad-core tablet with a processor ticking at 1.5GHz. The device performs greatly when it comes to top audio-video features. It runs Google Android 4.0 and comes with a 10-inch high definition IPS screen.

According to the press release, the “incorporated 1.5GHz K3 quad-core processor is the smallest quad-core CPU”. It continues saying that the “Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD offers incredible speed and processing power of 3D graphics, ideal for high definition video and games 3D. Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD enables high speed wireless access, claiming at the same time, a variety of network standards, including LTE”.

Huawei MediaPad FHD is made ​​of aluminum alloy, is 8.8 mm thick and weighs just 598g. It is the fourth generation of Huawei tablets after the S7, S7 Slim and the MediaPad (Android Honeycomb).

Huawei MediaPad 10FHD will be available internationally in the third quarter of 2012.


LG unveils the quad-core Optimus 4X HD smartphone

LG has unveiled their latest LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone with Tegra 3 graphics, before the big event at the 2012 MWC (Mobile World Congress 2012) in Barcelona. The new Optimus 4x HD has a 8.9mm thickness and is the company’s first smartphone equipped with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor that ticks at 1.5 GHz, utilizing four cores and a 12 cores GPU for very demanding tasks such as gaming.

LG Optimus 4X HD comes with a 4.7-inch True HD screen, an 8 megapixel camera on the back side and a 1.3 megapixel front camera for video calls. It runs the latest OS from Google, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, offers 16GB of internal storage space, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 2150 mAh battery that promises to store enough juice to keep you entertained when either playing games, reading emails, watching design animations or just talking on the phone.

No word on a worldwide release yet, or a price. We’ll keep you posted.


Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 – first smartphone with Super AMOLED HD Display

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is going to be the first smartphone that comes equipped with a Super AMOLED HD display — a 5.3 incher. It offers 16 million colors, offers a resolution of 1280 x 800, and comes with features such as multi-touch, orientation sensor and proximity sensor. Galaxy Note N7000 runs on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) with TouchWiz interface v4.0 UI from Samsung, but is expected to soon receive an update to Android version 4.0.

The exciting 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD display lets you watch movies, websites, and other activities without problems because of the clear images it provides.

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Gigabyte GSmart G1355: Affordable Dual-sim Android Phone

Soon, we’ll have another Android device that combines the affordable features of a dual-SIM device with a huge 4.3-inch display – it’s going to be called the new Gigabyte GSmart G1355. For an affordable price is necessary to accept compromises. In this case, the largest trade in the GSmart G1355 is its 800MHz Qualcomm processor, Android 2.3 under the hood and the 512MB of RAM — at least there’s 1GB of ROM.

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Wi-Fi security issues found on some HTC products

Alarming news by the wires, it seems there’s a security bug related to some HTC smartphones running on Android. This flaw is related to the Wi-Fi features and the permission to access the functions of the handheld identified as ACCESS_WIFI_STATE (which is required by applications before installing). How does it work — any app having access to this will be able to check the status of Wi-Fi and will get full access to all devices connected via Wi-Fi because it has all your router passwords (gets them right when you type them).

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AdFree Android App Helps You Stay Off Relentless Ads

Believe it or not, I was working on a hard reset for Galaxy S 2, and was browsing for backup apps when I got a lot of pesky ads not allowing me to get the job done faster. So I got annoyed!

Of course, ads are essential to a certain extent. But they shouldn’t be at the expense of your patience. It could run you crazy anytime you use your Android device and hence a new app christened AdFree Android, which helps you to get out of this social malady, has just been introduced. If you get too much ads flashing on your device on a regular basis, read ahead.

The Pluses

  • AdFree Android is compatible with Android OS and has been tested in a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, working on Android 4.0.2. The App is workable on rooted devices only, and modifications are restricted in this software.
  • The app will work well on Android 2.1 and later versions. The 0.57 MB app hasn’t made optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich, but it could be run on that.
  • To start the program on your device, boot your device in fastboot mode, and connect it to your PC. Now your device is rooted, and can start enjoying the service of AdFree Android.

How it Works

AdFree Android works by wiping off ads from your applications and browser. Most of the free apps carry nasty ads with them. This app can make Firefox and chrome clean from ads and add-ons.
The test revealed that AdFree Android works pretty well on almost all browsers. This fantastic app will make the ads a history on your device.

AdFree Android seems to be the kind of app you wanted. It is absolutely fool proof and free to download from Android market.

Let’s also note that a developer seeks revenue by way of developing apps. So, don’t block the bread and butter of poor developers using the AdFree Android — it’s a reason why they build free Android apps.

Note: AdFree Android is for rooted phones only


Samsung Galaxy S Advance Becomes Official

Samsung Galaxy S Advance has been officially launched today. Basically, it’s a new version of the bestselling Samsung terminal. The phone will be commercially available first in Russia, in February, then will be gradually introduced into the CIS and then Europe.

With a dual core 1.0GHz, 14.4 Mbps HSPA connectivity, and a sleek 4-inch Super AMOLED display, the new Samsung Galaxy S Advance was designed for power and connectivity, offering faster access to applications, without any delay.

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Samsung says Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note

Samsung may have bit their tongue because of the wishes received from users around the world. And the reason — is it possible that the Galaxy S2 doesn’t get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade?

The company has just announced the the S2 and the Galaxy Note will be getting their portion, soon. And speaking of the Galaxy Note, it seems like it’s going to be the real hit. It is currently the best equipped smartphone when it comes to processing power and the battery is exceeded only by the Droid Motorola Razr Maxx.

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Symantec Warns of an Android Trojan that changes with every download: Android.Opfake

Symantec has identified a trojan horse that affects Android users via SMS. It is a malware already known for years for desktop computers and laptops, but that has only recently been discovered for mobile operating systems.

Practically, it is server-side polymorphism, or a Trojan when you change certain parts of the malicious code every time the same is downloaded, thus making each download, unique. The name of the malware in question is Android.Opfake.

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